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07-29-04, 10:41 AM
July 20, 2004
No. 04-14

TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) announces a new and improved "TRICARE Smart" Web site to provide TRICARE beneficiaries, customer service representatives and other users of the site faster and easier access to the collection of up-to-date TRICARE marketing and educational materials available on the TRICARE Web site. "As part of the transition of TRICARE from 12 to three regions-North, South and West-TRICARE Smart site has been completely redesigned with the needs of TRICARE users in mind," said Ms. S. Dian Lawhon, TMA deputy chief for communications and customer service.

TRICARE Smart users may view, print, e-mail and download copies of all available TRICARE brochures, booklets, handbooks and other marketing and educational products. Another enhancement allows users to subscribe and receive e-mail alerts whenever TRICARE products are changed or updated with new information.

Persons from organizations that need to replenish their supply of printed TRICARE materials may order from the TRICARE Smart site from a selection of the most frequently requested marketing and educational materials. A representative of the organization must register their location with the site before materials may be ordered. Registration for the TRICARE Smart site is limited to one person per organization and may be made online at: www.tricare.osd.mil/tricaresmart/orders.

Once registered, a representative from TRICARE will contact the organization's representative to review the TRICARE Smart ordering process and assess the organization's current and future material needs.

In the near future, as new materials are developed or reprints of existing marketing and educational materials are made available online, registered subscribers will be able to view and confirm their delivery address and products ordered directly online.

"Our goal for the future is to ensure beneficiaries, customer service representatives and other users have the ability to 'get smart' on TRICARE by having access to these valuable TRICARE-related marketing and educational materials," said Lawhon.

The new and improved TRICARE Smart site has a variety of TRICARE marketing and educational materials for users of the site to view, print or download available at: www.tricare.osd.mil/smart.