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Super Dave
07-27-04, 12:47 PM

IMMIGRATION OFFICERS are having to pore through naked pictures of hundreds of exotic dancers to keep impostors out of Canada. Foreign strippers planning to table dance in clubs here must now provide photos of themselves with no clothes on to qualify for a visa for Canada, immigration officials say.

"Stage photos during performances are required," said Sergio Mercado, of the Canadian Embassy in Mexico.


In a memo to fellow visa officers around the world, Mercado said if a dancer passes the no-clothes test, they may then require a police certificate or medical examination.

The memo was obtained from access to information documents obtained by the Sun.

The potential dancers have to prove they can dance in the nude, immigration lawyer Mendel Green said yesterday.

"They can't be partially nude," he said. "If they don't have pictures in the nude, they are not going to wiggle their bottoms in Canada."

Immigration lawyer Richard Kurland said the women have to show nude pictures to ensure they're not abusing the system.

When it comes to Russia, the visa officers are looking for "headline performers" who can be paid up to $5,000 weekly and are often featured in ads of which they are expected to have copies.


Officers at the Canadian Embassy in Moscow said most headliners have been subject of photo spreads after vying for "Miss Nude North America or Miss Nude Europe" contests.

Immigration officer Dorothy Christie said once dancers arrive here they are usually placed in strip club lodgings and paid $60 every time they're on stage, $10 for a lapdance and $20 for a VIP room lapdance.

Each week the women must pay $100 to an agent and $50 for a driver as well as $10 nightly to a DJ, the officer said.

07-27-04, 02:44 PM
DANG! I am ready to turn in my two weeks RIGHT NOW, if they are hiring :D

Super Dave
07-27-04, 03:58 PM
To hell with a two week notice...i'd be outta here RIGHT NOW!!