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07-23-04, 12:24 PM
Fri Jul 23 2004 11:19:45 ET

The 24-foot-long sign at Halftime Pizza across the street from Boston's FleetCenter isn't exactly welcoming to the Democratic National Convention: "Say!!!!! D.N.C. Thanks for Nothing!!! Go Bush."

Security measures and the availability of free food for delegates led Mark Pasquale, owner of Halftime, to shut his restaurant down for the week of the convention and erect the sign.


On Friday, WRKO-AM's Peter Blute and Scott Allen Miller reported how Pasquale has been confronted by city inspectors who have threatened to fine him unless he takes the anti-Dem sign down!

Pasquale told Blute and Scotto that while he doesn't want any trouble, he will continue to exercise his First Amendment rights by keeping the sign up in spite of any fines.


http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20040721/capt.macs10107211505.democratic_convention_boom_or _bust_macs101.jpg



Where is His Freedom of Speech

07-23-04, 12:28 PM
Hey Sparrowhawk, did you put him up to this?

If they city does fine this business owner, I'm sure there is a long line of Republicans to help him out.

07-28-04, 02:26 AM
tell you what if i owned a business and someone told me i had to close down for a week it dont matter if it was republican or democrate i would tell them to kiss my marine ass and stay open.

07-28-04, 05:08 AM
:marine: With what has been shown here is inconclusive...all merchants in the City of Boston were informed way ahead of time about signs...a merchant had to file an application with the sign ordinance dept accompanied with a FEE...then his sign could fly with no problem...in Boston you have to play ball with Mayor Tom [Mumbles] Menino...as a result, this pizza/maker was too cheap to do this...his pizza parlor along with other merchants were fined who failed to get it up...simple as that...the law is the law...granted there has been alotta free food inside the Fleet Center causing local eateries alotta chagrin and most businesses have taken a hit, except for the wealthy/haughty botiques on fashion driven Newbury Street who claim business is thriving...this is the other side to this story...the little pizza guy tried slicing a corner and got burnt....slices of burnt pizza. anybody??:marine:

07-28-04, 07:13 AM
"...a merchant had to file an application with the sign ordinance dept accompanied with a FEE" - My libertarian streak in me doesn't like that at all.

07-28-04, 07:41 AM
:marine: There's a vast difference from the sidewalks of Boston to that meatlocker [lol] called Canada...yellowwing, you'd be in your glory sopping up all this utopian new America the DNC is mouthing off all this week in Boston..the uphoria in and around the Fleet Center is fantasyland..like: cocktails and dreams...the Demos had both houses of Congress in their grip from 1940 to 1992 and what you see in the USA today is that putrid by/product of excessive/liberal Democrats the world over...LOL...bye/bye....:marine: Semper Fi:

07-28-04, 02:10 PM
:marine: I really haven't listened too much the two days past; however, since Nominee Sen JF Kerry flew into Boston at 11am today and heard he was to go to the Boston Navy Yard for a welcome back ceremony...I killed two birds with one stone by first stopping at the beautiful 3 acre Korean War Memorial in the Navy Yard, within a hundred yards of Kerry's coming ashore by water taxi...after my remembrances were said...I walked the boardwalk to the yellow taped security sector...maybe about 50 people were there...inside the taped area were hordes of Secret Service all decked out in executive suits with their game-face on...a slew of national/local TV affiliates littered the enclosure...about another hundred yards forward on the old drydock/pier#2, were about 500 other people decked out with Kerry/Edwards clothing and signs...this group were in the 20 -35 yr generation cheering their tonsils out as Kerry made his, "I Have Returned" speech..it lasted 15 minutes with no interuptions...I asked a Secret Service suit nearby how come my group couldn't be closer to his Honor like the 500 group...he mumbled, "That group is by invitation only"...ohh, a hand picked bunch of Demo cheerleaders...for the national TVs to eat up and for all USA to see...folks, it was a most modest turnout at best...really, no big deal at all...Mr President [GW Bush] no sweat...you'll beat this phony longdrink of water by a huge vote come November 2004. that's my 1st amendment right to report to you from the scene of the "crime". Gung -Ho :marine: PS....The Homeland Security turned out in full force...on the seawater side were two [2] US Coast Guard gunships [each] with 2 M-60 machine guns...several Boston Police boats manned with automatic marksmen...and a puny/lil Enviromental Police skiff with no weapons but a handfull/crew of politically correct/looking boys and girls in with the "Big Boys"..I can sleep very secure now:D

07-28-04, 02:28 PM
If Kerry does win, how many people could say they married a billion dollars and became President if the United States.

He could then give a Lou Gehrig, "today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of this earth" speech. ;)

Keep those reports from Boston coming in!

07-28-04, 02:50 PM
:marine: From the floor of the FleetCenter this morning, a 250 member group of Fast River Boats [Vietnam] Association told a local Right Wing talk radio commentator that they totally DISAGREE with Kerry's awards betstowed upon him...they detailed one firefight when one of their boats hit a mine, blowing the Navy crew into the brown water...3 boats remained firing into the lush/verdant jungle while 4 Navy guys were plucked from a watery grave...the president of this Assoc..a Navy Officer stated...all the skippers in the rescue phase saw Kerry hightail it out of sight during the slowed down rescue...all of a sudden Kerry returns [no Gook return fire] to haul up the last sailor in the water...Kerry almost collied with another Fast River Boat to get to this beleagued sailor...Kerry wrote himself up for a citation, etc..these 250 sailors [Officers and Non/Coms] berate this phony bastard...it's all a sham... these speeches...lump together the 2 salacious/devious Clintons[proven congenital liars]...Fat Boy Kennedy [he should be doing hard time in Cedar Junction] all the Hollywood cranks [celluloid heroes] and all the drunken Demo minions that would cheer for even "free fish"...as this charade continues in Boston...we are stuck with this crap in our daily rush of life....I believe these US Navy sailors that served along side "John Wayne Kerry".....joining the fight to review and strip the Kerry's awards are 24 MOH Society members are assisting the Fast Boat Assoc to defrock "John Wayne Kerry"...bye/bye Semper Fi:marine: :marine:

07-28-04, 03:08 PM
Funny how the truth always comes out...

07-28-04, 03:22 PM
:marine: Right on Marine and you won't see one national media commentator allude to the common talk going on the floor of the FleetCenter...not one of the bigshots...I don't hate Kerry, but I sure as hell don't want his ilk as my President either...Marines...read Cpl Joe Saluzzi's book called, "Red Blood and Purple Hearts"..it's all about the honorable and courageous awards in the Korean War, but Joe had the friggin stones to shed light on rear echelon pogues writing themselves up phony Bronze Star[s] and Officer's and Staff NCOs getting decorated from the real Marines in their outfit...it's a hellava read...we are not a lily-white Corps..I always make it a proud/point to talk with Joe at the 1st Marine Div Assoc reunions...he got WIA in the invasion of Inchon/Seoul and was left for dead...a few S.Korean kids got him thru a loooong nite til his squad broke thru to aid/save him...stemperfi...smooth seas, Marine:marine:

07-28-04, 03:45 PM
Thanks Lock-n-load,

Keep us informed of the local scuttle butt and the 'true information' that oozes from the DNC. Like the Fox News reporter said, look for people with red, white and blue or family photos; they'll give you the straight scoop.

Semper fi

07-28-04, 04:00 PM
Thanks Lock-n-load,

Keep us informed of the local scuttle butt and the 'true information' that oozes from the DNC. Like the Fox News reporter said, look for people with red, white and blue or family photos; they'll give you the straight scoop.

Semper fi

07-28-04, 04:17 PM
:marine: I'll do my best, Kerry is a wily fox...all his posters..t-shirts I gazed at the Boston Navy Yard were red-white-blue too...he even had his crew of his boat all wrapped around himself while in Boston Harbors haunts...I guess his crew/mates made a pact with the Devil...they must have realized the 250 members of their Association would expose them and thank the Lord ...they did...there are slackers even in our Corps...not many, but some..and it's poetic justice to see the real life truth prevail in this subversive society we live in....keep the faith, Marine :marine: Semper Fi

07-28-04, 04:18 PM
From Kerry's Bronze Star Citation - "one of five boats conducting a Sealords operation in the Bay Hap River. While exiting the river, a mine detonated under another Inshore Patrol Craft and almost simultaneously, another mine detonated wounding Lieutenant (junior grade) Kerry in the right arm. In addition, all units began receiving small arms and automatic weapons fire from the river banks. When Lieutenant (junior grade) Kerry discovered he had a man overboard, he returned upriver to assist."

What skipper doesn't know how many boats he is a part of?

What happens to perception of time when your under hostile fire? Kerry get hit by mine shrapnel, everyone starts taking fire, they look around and don't see Kerry. Is is dead? Oh, there he is pulling the last guy in. How many seconds was that really?

07-28-04, 04:35 PM
:marine:Did the hero mention he buggout as sailors were being hauled in from the water??...he must of quickly surmised he could exploit this grim situation...but he needed to pluck a sailor outta the water...he did...and he was award "his decoration"...I believe what was said by the other Boats that remained on station to rescue sailors in the water. :marine:

07-29-04, 09:37 AM
:marine: yellowwing at your request...here's the latest hot/cock with the various 'Nam Vets vs JF Kerry...this evening they will be forming up in front of Kerry's Boston office at 5:30pm and will march en mass to the FleetCenter, also there will be their own reanactment of Kerry's watertaxi arrival to the Boston Navy Yard...this intel is from Jerry Kiley: President of The Vietnam Veterans vs John Kerry Assoc...he has put out a clarion call to all Vets organizations to come join in their crusade tonight..to meet in Bowdoin Square and march to the Fleet Center [less than a mile]...I must say this...these GIs of Vietnam [opposing Kerry] have stones and will not surrender to the smoke an mirror agenda of Kerry's phony military resume over the past 30 years..hot damn, I love 'em...last nite,they got about a flash 30 sec on local nite Convention coverage [CBS]. by enlarge, talk radio stations have opened the airwaves to Jerry Kiley's crusade...lil by lil, their worthy cause has resonated with "Nam Vets vs Kerry."..tonite's show/march of the truth, should make the national TV bigshots give them exposure finally...that remains to be seen tho...Kerry's big splash tonight maybe fractured outside the FleetCenter in a raucous display...our interstate highways 10 miles north of Boston and 35 miles south of Boston gets barricaded by Massachusetts State Troopers reinforced by cadres of Vermont State Troopers and Maine State Troopers also, at 4pm to 1am all during this damn/whacko political Convention...away from the FleetCenter, Boston has been a ghost town with millions of lost revenues with empty fine-dining restaurants...economically, Boston took a knockout punch and maybe,just maybe, Mayor "Mumbles" Menino will get the deep-six at re/election time...the TV cameras make it look good, that Demos are in control...not so, with the 2.5 million workers that surround Boston...and the 300,000 who live ontop of each other in Boston are holed up also...thank the Lord this bunch of drunks are outta here after tonite...that's about it yellowwing...for the record, I'm heading north up the pike for a epicurion Chinese chowdown/buffet with Korean War Marines of the Boston Chapter of the 1st Marine Division Assoc and then onto Bowdoin Square tonite to march with the "Vietnam Vets vs John Kerry Assoc"...hells bells, Korea was the harbinger for a Vietnam to happen all thanks to that Truman and later that Johnson....Semper Fi, Marines [No Surrender] :marine:

07-29-04, 09:50 AM
Originally posted by yellowwing
From Kerry's Bronze Star Citation - ..Kerry discovered he had a man overboard, he returned upriver to assist."

to assist and he gets a Bronze Star?

Every grunts I was with in Nam did that almost every time we got hit. With weapons fire being poured on them.

I wish I was in Boston today, I would be there marching carrying a big sign that would read;

"A Vote for Kerry will be the second time this nation turns its back on the Vietnam Veteran!"

Then I would get behind that fence that set off protestors from the convention and throw over the fence a copy of all the bill that support our troops that Kerry never supported or voted for.

Then I would throw miniture copies of the OSCAR to show how Hollywood and the media has made Kerry what he is today.

Gosh darn I wish I was there.



07-29-04, 10:23 AM
:marine: I wish you were here too, but Jerry Kiley is no fool...none of his GIs were duped into that wire cage for all demostrators, those clown abortion rights gang and the lesbian/queer nation got suckered and entered the cage to rant and lay down like road-kills...then it dawned on them that everyone outside the cage was treating them like ..the "monkies" they are...even the Boston Police were laffin their azz of...in and around the FleetCenter where the wire cage is setup has an ungodly Boston Police presence to bust heads in case of civil/public disorderly conduct...but it was a great laffin at those perrenial parade azzholes that meekly entered that wirecage...no question about it...to all of us locals who frequent downtown Boston, this week has had an effect of what a police state can be...hey, I'm also a retired police officer but our streets look like... mean streets...thanks to the Arab/Muslim Extremists of 9/11....we ARE at WAR!! Pull pin...... :marine:

07-29-04, 10:32 AM
:marine: Marines..I gotta shag-azz for my Chinese buffet with Marine comrades...gonna be a loong day/nite ahead..no heavy weather in sight to dampen "festivities"...maybe we'll get to see if those "monkies" ever got out of the wire cage..LOL hey, Semper Fi :marine:

07-29-04, 11:23 AM
Outstanding Lock-n-Load, I'm sure the Veterans will conduct themselves properly, exercising what we all served for. 30 second of airtime is gold for your cause.

Chinese food, I like it, you kicked their azz and now you will eat their food! Get some, enjoy your reunion!

Semper Fi

07-29-04, 10:10 PM
Some reporter with "steel ones" needs to get this out into the wide open. As it stands now only people who seek out this information find it and it is slow to get out. Plus fight the lib media and it almost never gets out. There are too many fishy things that go on around this Liar. The sad thing is the Dems have so many sheep, they just fall in line and go to slaughter.

God... if you can hear me, can I have the remote control for just a few minutes?... have some things to change down here... I promise I'll give it back.

07-30-04, 02:16 AM
cook i am really beginning to worry about you brother.. hahahaha

07-30-04, 06:30 AM
:marine: yellowwing and all other interested Marines in here...here's what happened 1 hour before Kerry had his moment in a world spotlight...we gathered about 1 mile from the FleetCenter and introducted my contingent of Korean war Marines for the Demonstration to street leader, Jerry Kiley..the Vietnamise, who are American citizens and part of the business community were present also...we had a polygot of WW2-Korea-Vietnam-Gulf War veterans..the Amer/Viets distributed hard gloosy 3x2 signs to carry...they and Kiley were old hands at this demostration wars...signs: WW2 Vets vs John Kerry, Korean War Vets vs Kerry, Gulf War Vets vs Kerry and Vietnam Vets vs Kerry...we critiqued in a public strollinggarden area under the watchful eyes of the Boston Police Riot squads assembly area...no problems there...Kiley instructed us that no profane speech come from our chants later on at North Station wire cage area..we didn't desire to have the Boston Police wade into our ranks with clubs flying...the Boston Police "flying sqaud" 2 hours earlier had clubbed to the deck 5 18-25 yr old punks who demonstrated at the cage...the later films I saw of this civil disobeience crime...the 5 punks were literally dragged by the scruff of their necks [while injured on the deck] to a paddy wagon about 30 yds away...Boston Polce riot squad are well versed in close combat at demonstration...Kiley couldn't impress this upon us enough...the VV vs Kerry Assoc will obey the law...our weapon was high volume chants devoid of profanity always...Kiley taught us 6 chants to shout via his prompting bullhorn...at 5:30pm we marched off on our merry wat chanting through the steel/concrete canyons...it's amazing how louder our pitched voices bounced off the building...we were really loud...we had a force of about 700 strong...I was amazed at the high numbers of State Trooprs along the way...we finally turned into Causway St towards the entrance of the Kerry camp showing up for his speech...this long street was flanked by the tested Boston Police, who were ready for action if we got rough...it didn't happen, thanks to Kiley's leadership...young women challenge us as we were on kerry's turf now...we ignored them and their venom towards us...the Police stopped us at the cage and ringed Kiley, a BP proven method...Kiley was allowed to orchestrate our loud chanting so long as it was not offensive...we were inundated by national TV camcorders weaving through our ranks, just what Kiley wanted finally...we also we instructed NOT to talk to the media...direct them, to Kiley and others for getting out the VV vs Kerry movement...Kiley was no fool to chicanery by media types pro/Kerry...we were there for about a half hour and reversed our steps to press on to Kerry's condo about a mile away in upscale/fashionable Beacon Hill corporate American neighborhood [six figures annually and upward]...I approched six young Boston Police on the curb...I was decked out in 1st Mar Div cammo blouse, etc...they saluted me and were relieved we posed no problem to them...as we approched the hill to the State House, we were now in State Police sector...as we got near the crest..the State Polce ringed both sides of our line of vocal/marched...they all stood at attention signaling and respecting us as War veterans..it was a beautiful gesture to say the least...we all highballed them in return...we weaved thru the tight lil streets of Beacon Hill..our chants bouncing of their condos...several of Kerry country camcorded our march...no smiles and no outward anger either, but they were surprised just the same...we entered famous Loisburg Square..home of the soper/rich, the Kerrys of Boston...suddenly out of no where came the SEcret Service suits blocking us from ringing the front of kerry's digs...Kiley had promised us, he would publicy and symbolically...throw the medals back onto Kerrys front lawn...the 4 deep Secret Service and State Police ranks remained stoic...the Secret Service suits had murder in their eyes and a few of the Troopers in the rear ranks smiled, that they were with us in spirit..at this point it was route back to Government Center and sayonaras all around...we pulled it off and Jerry Kiley had his moment in the national TV spotlight as I stayed up late and saw NECN give Jerry his due..Jerry Kiley is a wonderful Vietnam decicated Veteran..I bet his time spent on the Boston war vs Kerry will be the catalyst of other Vietnam Vet groups all over USA to join the fight/crusade in the final 3 months where Kerry dares to trod...I will admit unashamedly, I never involved myself in public demonstrations, but to get off my azz to come to the aid of the muched malinged Vietnam Vet, made me proud deep within my self, we all know when we did the right thing...this was the last thing in my mind as I feel asleep last nite...about 250 Marines of all wars made up this march of the truth...the end. Semper Fidelis SGGT CHRIS SARNO-USMC FMF :marine:

07-30-04, 06:40 AM
:marine: Please excuse all my typos..I tried to ...edit...but just got a blank edit screen...hey, it proves this jarhead is still human...that's good enuff for me....smooths seas, FMF Marines:marine: Semper Fi :marine:

07-30-04, 07:11 AM

PS, I think I would have pis sed in Kerry's front lawn. LOL

07-30-04, 08:09 AM
:marine: I bet you would have...that's allowable, but the no dumping sign was posted..LOL:marine: S/F, Marine

radio relay
07-30-04, 08:14 AM

Good Job, Marine!!!

To you and all who were with you.... Thank You!

Kerry, is nothing more than a grandstanding lowlife!

I honor and respect every Veteran's honorable service, from any branch, combat, non-combat, any era. However, I have little tolerance for any Veteran who "expects" to be glorified for their service, or decorations. I literally have no use, what so ever, for those Vitenam Vets who returned from Vietnam, and then spit on their brothers, who were still over there, by joining the scumbag protestors at home.

Kerry, was at the forefront of the leftwing protestors, and didn't just spit on those of us who were still over there, but took a giant crap on us! He hasn't stopped the leftwing diarrhea to this day. Now, he wants to crow about his service, which he was so ashamed of thirty years ago, and be given the Presidency in trade for a Silver Star, and a few questionable Purple Hearts?!?! Choosing that sh!tbird as their candidate is a new low for the democratic party. If he's elected, it will be a new low for this country!

Once again, Thanks for being there to let the nation know that John Kerry is "NOT" the Veterans' candidate!

07-30-04, 08:33 AM
:marine: I liked how you expressed yourself, and I agree with you...this punk Kerry, was aiding and abetting the Communists Viet Cong by going before a Congressional panel in 1971 and degrading the US fighting man in Vietnam...while he spewed lies, you GIs and Marines were being murdered, butchered and tortured every day/nite and Hanoi honored him for it in bronze and marble...as I listen to Kerry followers on talk radio here in Boston, these politically correct sheep with herd-mentality...think the sun sets on this admitted ..War Criminal...these Demos just don't get it nor give a rat's azz about the guys who went to WAR in "Nam"...this firebrand Vietnam Vet...Jerry Kiley is going to bring Kerry down...Kiley really impressed us all in these last 5 days in Boston. S/F, Marine:marine:

07-30-04, 08:42 AM
:marine: To all Vietnam Marines across the USA...you can contact...Jerry Kiley....www.vietnamveteransagainstjohnkerry.org.. .he gave me orders to to this...these next 3 months are critical to bring Kerry down in flames...everyday wasted helps "John Wayne Kerry"...Boston Vets did their share, now it's up to the rest to contribute to the good fight...contact ..Jerry Kiley...NOW!! Semper Fi:marine: Please tell him I sent YOU. [LOL]:marine:

07-30-04, 09:07 AM
and this pic followed - me .back here... LOL


07-30-04, 10:34 AM
That's great Lock-n-Load. I'm sure the Secret Service has zero humor, zero tolerance, and zero latitude when they are on the job!

700 activists maintaining strict dicipline must have been a nice change for the Boston PD. Not many civilian groups could do that.

Now, if only moore people, oops, more people would excercise these freedoms! We'll see what we can do in NYC come August. ;)

07-30-04, 10:42 AM

Great job! My respect to all the Vets that participated. Very nice! Being a cop myself, I know,I can relate to a lot of the BPD guys who believe as we do but still have to do our job. Been there, Man what a mind melt that is.

Semper fi

07-30-04, 11:18 AM
:marine: "Hawk...this sign was hand made by the Vietnamise community who escaped to USA and are business leaders in their local communities..they marched too and were passionately vocal...I might add if you could extend that pic to the far left, I'd have my first photo-op in here, some Marines never get a break [lol]...this pic was taken in the staging area [one hour] before jump-off....yellowwing: I knew you'd like our disciplined march yesterday; however, I would have loved to have busted a few faces of those that were taunting us....CAR...thx, and glad to have you on board for the fight ahead for more respect of those Vietnam Marines in/house here, and for all US Armed Forces that fought with dash and elan in that 8 yr blood/bath..I look eagerly to see more tales in the next 3 months of active participation, that Jerry Kiley has set forth...that's the only road to victory over Kerry and the Democrats for another 4 years..ohh, more good news, Jerry has several 3 min sound bites on our right-wing talk station this morning about our collective March...earlier his morning before a small turnout of select invitees, this phony SOB [Kerry] was at the Boston Navy Yard for his sojourn across the USA for his big snowjob of the ignorant and misinformed masses...he'll carry Massachusets but I see him getting deep-sixed in the South-Southwest-Far West and for dessert throw in Michigan and Wisconsin...Gw Bush 65%...Sad Sack 35%. S/F:marine: