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07-23-04, 07:05 AM
8th tanks trains for 4th MEB (AT) mission.
Submitted by: 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Anti-Terrorism)
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Story by Cpl. Sharon E. Fox

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. (July 21, 2004) -- Marine Reserves from 8th Tank Battalion are temporarily joining the 4th Marine Expeditionary Brigade (Anti-Terrorism) to conduct perimeter security and sentry duty at Camp Lemonier in Djibouti, Africa.

The AT task force consists of Marines from 8th Tank’s Bravo Co. in Rochester, N.Y., Charlie Co. in Tallahassee, Fla., and Delta Co. in Charleston, S.C. The approximately 250 Marines have been divided into 1st and 2nd provisional security companies for their mission with the 4th MEB (AT).

8th Tanks was activated as the temporary AT task force because other active and reserve infantry battalions were either deployed or training for upcoming missions.

Though the Marines are not being forced to dismount their beloved tanks for this assignment, they have shown great enthusiasm for the security training they are receiving.
The battalion has been through a basic security guard course, combat shotgun and pistol, and enhanced marksmanship pistol training.

These 4th MEB (AT) warriors are being tested during a final training exercise at Bogue airfield July 21-23 to simulate their mission in Djibouti to begin in early August.

“The instructors have been extremely helpful in teaching us the skills we need to know for our upcoming mission,” said Sgt. Cron R. Carmichael. “Even though this training is completely different from what we are used to, the teaching has been so extensive that we are confident we will be more than successful for our mission in Djibouti.”

Training that would normally be taught in months, has been condensed into a few weeks for this task force.

“The training has been pretty fast paced, but our Marines have caught on quickly,” said 1st Sergeant David J. Pollard, company 1st Sgt., 1st Provisional Security Co. “The instructors are extremely proficient in the information and skills they are teaching, which definitely helps our Marines when they have questions on the training.”

The enhanced marksmanship pistol instructors were impressed with how quickly the Marines learned the marksmanship skills.

“For many of these Marines, this is the first time they have received any type of combat marksmanship or basic security training,” said Cpl. Rodney L. Edmonson, enhanced marksmanship pistol instructor. “They have really kept an open mind and the more exposed they are to this training, the better they will get.”