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07-22-04, 07:08 PM
I have a chance to buy 4 of these USMC swords at a good price, plan to give one or two to Marines WIA in Iraq in Washington, D.C. next month.

But i will not give it to them if these are not legit.

Anyone know the difference?

The following pictures shows the detail.




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Super Dave
07-22-04, 07:14 PM
They look legit...

07-22-04, 07:16 PM
but i wanted to get the details.


07-22-04, 07:17 PM
I will try to look for the notes Roger written down for me, for buying the sword....I was going to buy him one, but that's when the Sh!t hit the fan.....

By the time I find them, I would hope one of the Marines here would have answered.....


07-23-04, 09:46 AM
What does, what looks like the star of David and the solid circle with the triangle on the sword stand for, mean?

Hadn't really paid much attention to it before, untill looking at it up close like this.



Super Dave
07-23-04, 10:07 AM
This is what I found...(found on another site)

Following WW I the sword was redesigned by Quartermaster General C. L. McCawley USMC. This is when the current etch was added. In 2002 I had some correspondence with Mr. Phil Melling of Wilkinson-Sword, He informed me that the mark was not a Star of David but the Armourers Triangles. Also that if you look at the mark inside of it is a circle with a smaller star and the word PROVED. This is all I have on it.

07-23-04, 10:15 AM
The Marine Corps Officers' Mameluke Sword

Marine NCO Swords

Still looking for the notes in between other things.....


Stephen Petrone
07-23-04, 11:02 AM
The swords look very good, the scrollwork is great. But the sword knot has to go.

07-23-04, 01:08 PM
They look real. Also the sword knot has to go.

07-23-04, 01:58 PM
maybe I can sell at least one of them to a Hollywood Marine that way.. LMAO

Hey, I went to San Diego...

Sticky blue
07-23-04, 04:03 PM
If the sword has a prove mark, and the rules are the same as in the UK, the tip of the sword has been bent to touch the centre of the star... the sword is then said to be proven.
Only our Officer's swords are all proven blades, the Sgts Maj swords are just non engraved standard swords, the officers are all etched.

07-24-04, 02:25 PM
The swords are beautiful. I don't know why the making fun of the knot. It's part of the sword for ceremonial occasions. Do you have frogs for the swords? They come in either black and white leather. I don't know if any Marine Corps swords are produced in the United States. The best quality comes from Germany. A quality Officer's sword can cost up to $500 and an NCO sword up to $400 . You're being very generous.

07-24-04, 05:42 PM
I pulled mine out and did some comparisons. Mine is a $400.00 24 kt sword from the Officer's Equipment Company.

The markings are the same except for a few minor differences. On the blade, my markings are etched into the metal while yours are engraved.

My Star of David has a circle in the center that says "proved" in the middle.

The rope and knot is not authorized for wear in the Marine Corps Uniform Manual for any occasion.

07-24-04, 05:58 PM
I was hoping someone would compare them.

NO Proved writing on it.

Also found out that yours should have USMC on top of the blade as well. These do not have that.

I bought four of them from the wife of a Marine who purchased them in Okinawa, who died recently.

Two were used according to her in ceremonies, and are a bit worn, the other two are almost brand new.

Guess I'll see about selling them cheap to recover lost, but won't take to D.C. to give away to WIA Marines.

Didn't want to give to a Marine something that was not approved.

Thanks again



Sticky blue
07-24-04, 06:13 PM
Originally posted by Sparrowhawk
Didn't want to give to a Marine something that was not approved.
Approved or not approved I'm sure anyone would be grateful to be given such a gift!
Could these swords have been locally produced because they couldn't be sourced from elsewhere i.e. 'One offs'! That would make them even more valuable. If the sword is going to be used for presentation I doubt anyone would look to deeply at it.

07-24-04, 06:29 PM
Since buying them, I've doubled checked all over the internet.

They are far better then the ones I've seen that sell for $99.00 - $140.00

The scabbard tips and the sword handle are gold in color.

Probably for display purposes.

But it seems like the Marine used them for ceremonies as the
engavings on the blade are a little worn from polishing.

Comparing swords (http://www.usmcedge.com/diffs.htm)

You're right Sticky blue, I can tell them they are display swords.


07-24-04, 06:52 PM
After reading the link you found comparing the two swords, I think the ones you got would be nice to have for display purposes.

07-24-04, 07:11 PM
Originally posted by P. M. SHEEHAN
Do you have frogs for the swords? They come in either black and white leather.

If frogs you mean the straps that attaches to the scabbards no, I don't have them.

The scabbards are of good quality, but only imitation leather, the handles do have leather on them.


Sticky blue
07-24-04, 08:50 PM
If the swords are like our swords I think you'll find the handle is Shark skin, not leather... mine is.
Shark skin is used because it is naturally a better grip, leather is slippery in comparison.

07-29-04, 10:52 AM
the other two have been sold...

Sword (http://www.leatherneck.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15978)

albert torcini
09-27-04, 09:54 PM

albert torcini
09-27-04, 09:58 PM
i been looking for a sword. if the price is $120.00,i'am in. my email is alberttorcini@netscape.net email me if we have a deal. thanks
al torcini

Sticky blue
09-28-04, 02:41 PM
You've not seen the Life of Brian have you?

Originally posted by albert torcini
if the price is $120.00,i'am in.
Come on, Haggle you bugger!!
Three sheckles... you're telling me three sheckles!

09-28-04, 03:24 PM
"Bring out your dead!" Classic Monty Python....

Sgt. Smitty
09-30-04, 10:10 AM
I want the one you have left if you still have it..........Smitty

09-30-04, 10:22 AM
the last one went as soon as I lifted my finger off the ENTER button when I posted it here.



Sgt. Smitty
10-09-04, 10:43 AM
In case anyone is interested, I found Marine NCO dress swords (replicas) on e-bay. They're not the real thing but they look good enough for a display.

Sgt. Smitty
10-10-04, 11:47 AM
The swords on e-bay are up for bid starting at 29 bucks

10-10-04, 03:42 PM
Got me a new Nikon Camera last night, trying it out..

The swords on Ebay


This one sells for over $227 plus $18,00 shipping (http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2274758730&ssPageName=MERC_VI_RSCC_Pr4_PcY_BID_Stores)

Example of the latest ones I have


I guess the ones I have are some where in between the two, in price and it seems even with wear they are better quality.

anyways trying out my new Nikon camera, already took pictures of all the flowers out front. LOL

Sgt. Smitty
10-15-04, 12:10 PM
Great pics..........but what does the real thing look like compared to those three?

Sgt. Smitty
10-15-04, 12:13 PM
how much you want for yours?

10-15-04, 03:57 PM
If you are still interested I have four left.

They are $100.00 plus $20.00 postage, I insured them to make sure they are not lost, and declare their value at $300.00.

Some Marines , like a Vietnam buddy of mine bought his at MCRD and paid a bit over $400.00 for his.

He saw no difference in them, except a small marking around the star, some of these don't have a marking on them, others I've noticed have a small "c" next to the star, don't know what that means?


Like I said, these were owned by Marines in Okinawa and are about eight years old.

If you are interested or anyone else;
email me at <email>sparrowhawk@email.com</email> for my address and I'll set one aside for you.



Sgt. Smitty
10-20-04, 11:49 AM
Seems like you get the swords when there's too much month left at the end of the money....LOL.......am still interested in one but can't do nothin til the first of the month again. Smitty

Sgt. Smitty
10-30-04, 11:53 AM
Yo Sparrowhawk..........i need to know what form of payment you prefer so i can send it to you, i also need your address (that might help a little) Smitty

10-31-04, 07:55 AM
I wonder if RitterSteel could make a combat ready Marine NCO sword? I'm gonna send them an email tonight to see how much they'd charge for it. RitterSteel is the one who makes all the swords...

10-31-04, 08:15 AM
Send you a PM message on that info, and set one aside for you.

I still have three left.



I wonder if they can do a gold plated P-38. I've always wanted to start a scholarship, or some form of award for recognition program for outstanding Marines, and give them a gold plated P-38 as a symbol of honor for their intregrity, resourcefulness and dedication.... Humm



11-04-04, 06:04 PM
Received your MO today.

The sword was packaged and ready to go, when my secretary got off today, she dropped off the package at the Post Office.

Will keep track of it, until delievery.



Sgt. Smitty
11-07-04, 11:51 AM
Sparrowhawk, outstanding, will be holdin my breath waitin for it, Smitty SF

Sgt. Smitty
11-11-04, 02:44 AM
Yo Sparrowhawk.....how long does it take to get that sword up here from down there? It still hasn't gotten here.

11-12-04, 12:13 PM
Originally posted by Sgt. Smitty
Yo Sparrowhawk.....how long does it take to get that sword up here from down there? It still hasn't gotten here.

Hey Smitty, maybe the mailman is afraid you'r gona poke your eye out if you got it!


If you don't get it today, let me know. I called my secretary to see where she placed the tracking slip on them from the post office, and as soon as she response I'll track them down.

Its also insured, so I'm not worried and I still have three others.


Sgt. Smitty
11-13-04, 10:38 AM
Won't poke my eye out but just might cut myself....LOL.....just a little anxious to get it so i can start building the display i have in mind for all my stuff. Thanks. Smitty

Sgt. Smitty
11-13-04, 02:12 PM
Yo Cook, mark this one as delivered and accepted, many thanks, now i can start my display, Semper Fi, Smitty

02-20-07, 03:01 PM
I've been looking for an nco sword and have discovered that Atlanta cutlery sells a certified nco sword for $162 which is quite a discount from the $400 range I'd had been seeing. Here is a link:

Sgt Leprechaun
02-20-07, 03:26 PM
To the poster who mentioned the sword knot, I've never seen one used on an NCO sword...ever.

That Atlanta Cutlery sword looks nice.

02-20-07, 07:44 PM
I know of two official grade NCO swords. One is used for drill and ceremonies (the one's Drill Instructors use) which is made in the USA. The other is for dress wear and is made in Toledo, Spain (very nice) at about $500.