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07-18-04, 12:40 PM
I am trying to find out how to help a Marine who has gotten in some trouble at Camp Pendelton. He is very proud to be a Marine and desperately wants to remain a Marine. I don't know the system or what to do. Can anyone give me some direction, I'm the Mom.

07-18-04, 12:50 PM
Well I want to first Welcome You to the Site....

I can say, You came to the right place, which I know the Marines here will try to help you with your problem...You might have to give a few details to them, but you can always go the personal route....by PMing or Emailing the Marine who is willing to help.....Just say so......

Welcome Again


A Marine's Wife

07-18-04, 01:00 PM
Thanks for the welcome Ellie, I've checked out some other message boards but they all seem to be about how to get people out of the military and about AWOL's and the such. This is not the case here, he has already endured more punishment than I could stand and still wants to remain in the Marines. I just hope I can get some good suggestions and I don't mind giving the details to anyone willing to help.

Thanks again, Rene

07-18-04, 01:24 PM
well, what happened? you can PM me. I'll help if I am able.

07-18-04, 01:36 PM
Thank you HardJedi, I emailed all the info to the drifter and I'll email her back to see if she will forward on to you. I really appreciate yall a whole lot.


07-18-04, 02:07 PM
If any of you Marines think and want to help....Let me know...I will email the situation to you..


07-18-04, 02:48 PM

I PMd the lady and she did not respond yet at 14:55 east coast time. So sure if you have the sitrep please send it to me. I'll do my best.

Semper Fidelis

07-18-04, 02:51 PM
Sent it to you by PM.....



07-18-04, 04:08 PM
Ellie - either PM or by email -

I'd like to take a crack at it.

07-18-04, 04:17 PM
Pm Out......

I just love you Marines....Thanks


07-18-04, 04:23 PM
Thank you all so much for any suggestions you can give me. I'll be back in about an hour.


07-18-04, 04:50 PM
WOW. Ok Ellie forwarded me the letter, and I really only have a bit of advice, and am not even sure how much good it will do at that.

But first...........

Yes, there were and probably are still Marines who have done worse, and remained in the service. Unfortunatley, most of them just had longer periods of time between the occurences that happened to your son. What has your son in truble now is the frequency and proximity of the events you have described.

Now, for the advice part....

Following the chain of command, and by the BOOK, he should make his wishes to remain in service known. All the way up to his regimental commander if need be. I believe he should also talk to the Chaplain for his unit, and see what advice he canget there.

Second. In no way, even if he believes it, should he get an attitude like " they are out to get me". If he does this, he will become surely and negative, and members of his own unit will lose respect for him lessening his chances.

Third, untill the matter is resolved, he needs to be the best damn Marine in his unit. If formation is at 16:00 he needs to be there a MINIMUM of 15 minutes prior. His uniform and hair cut need to be more squared away than anyone elses. He needs to display at ALL times a COMPLETE dedication to his unit, it's rules, and the Corps.

If he does all of these things, and his higher ups see the change, he might, just MIGHT get a second( or 4th) chance.

that being said, I wish him all the luck in the world, and hope things work out for him.

Would hate to see The Corps loose a Marine who wants to be there.

07-18-04, 06:45 PM
thank you very much, I will certainly tell him everything you said. He doesn't think that anyone is out to get him, he is just very depressed right now and doesn't really have alot of Marines to talk to that are not also in the drinking mode. You know how young men mostly have girls and the next party on the brain.


07-18-04, 07:01 PM
Hey! ain't gotta tell me! LOL I soent the first two years of my enlistment drunk. used to party till 3 am, and then fall out for pt at 5 am. Not sure HOW I got away with it. ;)

anyway, I know kinda what he is going through, saw it happen to a couple buddies of mine. My "out to get him" comment is a common reaction among some young Marines. That is the only reason I warned against it. no slight intended :D

07-18-04, 08:03 PM

Great advice for an old jarhead like yourself. I basically said the same things. I hope that he can recover and get on with it. I know that he will probably never fallow these examples again. He has probably learn some very good lessons in here.

Semper Fidelis

07-18-04, 10:43 PM
Ellie send me a copy of your email to her..

It seems like much good advice has already been given, but on the other side...

At a time like this the Marine Corps needs good Marines that are dependable, that you can count on to be there on time and to be sober.

It has no time for problem children, so if he is serious about wanting to stay in the Corps like HardJedi already said, he needs to make known his desire to those above him and straighten out.

No one else is going to do it but himself. So what if he is lonely, and home sick, who isn't when they are far from home.

If he can't say no to his friends and a beer then he is not serious about staying on.

Saw another Marine kicked out recently for something he did off duty, with the war in the Middle East and other things happening with terrorism, the Corps has no time for this.

The Corps will let him go, right away unless he takes responsibility for himself. But its all up to him.

That's what Semper Fi , means and what its all about.


07-19-04, 10:43 AM

I know you are right and thank you for your comments, I believe that he is taking responsibility for himself but from what he is telling me, he is having a very hard time getting through to his superiors. Maybe he isn't trying hard enough. Since I'm not there, I can't say.

Thanks, Rene

07-19-04, 11:43 AM
Would love to help if you want to send me the info

07-19-04, 11:53 AM

Sent you info by PM


07-19-04, 01:50 PM
LMAO@HardJedi! Drunk and PTing? NEVER! lol

BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT! What Infantryman hasn't?

Semper Fi brother!

07-19-04, 02:26 PM
Hey Sniposky! that is PART of being a grunt, no? if you haven't had somebody carry you through formation, or on a pt run cause you were drunk, can you REALLY say you were a grunt? LOL (kidding)

07-19-04, 05:12 PM
Time in = Transparent activities!!

If you get caught, whose problem is it? Someone else’s?

Time in = Transparent activities 24x7x365x4+/-


07-19-04, 06:09 PM
what the hell????????

07-19-04, 07:34 PM
I took a lot of math classes in college and still can't figure it out. OK - I give up, what's the answer?

07-19-04, 08:24 PM
Positive thinking leads to positive results. From personal experience, sometimes we have to pay when we have played, but if this Marine is sincere in his heart, and he sincerely wants to change, the leadership of his unit will know this, they are leaders of Marines after all. I know that when I was serving on active duty, young Marines in trouble were viewed as a leadership failure first, as young people usually make mistakes unless they are properly led. My prayers to all involved, Semper Fidelis, Tom Murray

07-19-04, 08:25 PM
Sup? Anything I can do fromhere?


07-20-04, 11:16 AM
I received an update last night and things look as if they might have started turning around. As I understand, it is far from over but my son's 1st Sgt. and others he works with have stepped up to the plate and started speaking up for him. They told him that they are willing to help because he is a good Marine and has good working habits but they are serious about him getting past these problems or it's all over. I'll keep you all posted, your willingness to help shows me that you are concerned about fellow Marines.


07-20-04, 02:50 PM
The answer is:
24 hours per day
7 days per week
365 days per year (or you could use 52 weeks)
4 years
Plus=Extended first enlistment
Minus=Early out for ?

07-20-04, 03:03 PM

It will all come out. A member of this site said it the best positive things results in a positive, or words to that effect. I thought that if the 1st Sgt and others saw your son's potential it would work out. Also he is a MArine 24/7.

07-20-04, 03:16 PM
glad things are looking up!. and ALWAYS glad to be of help whenever possible.