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09-29-02, 05:50 PM
if someone is in DEP and has signed the contract and said the first oath, are they able to drop out of the DEP without legal persecution? basically, can they not go, lol. i think it may be called a 'DEP LOSS'........ i dont know tho. i am just wondering if that is a possibility, thank you to anyone who responds to this.

09-29-02, 05:58 PM
Well I can't answer your question, but that right party will be able to when he see this.........

Since you don't answer PM's and emails.....

Why do you have a rank in your Profile and say you are a Marine.......By what I see you are only 17.....and cannot be one.........Please Remove....from your Profile...........


09-29-02, 09:14 PM
hey, i am sorry i had a rank in my profile. i have fixed it, and i no longer have that rank in there. sorry to anyone offended by that. but, back to the original thread. please respond to the thread with anything you have, thanks.

09-29-02, 09:20 PM
Thank You........

Sixguns is the Marine to see........
When he views this he will be the one who can answer you the best way.....
Also we do have a few good Marines that might be able to steer you in the right direction.......


09-30-02, 04:38 PM
There are several reasons the USMC may choose to void an enlistment agreement on an individual. Notice I said the USMC chooses to void the contract, not the individual. Once you become a member of the Delayed Entry Program, the Marine Corps expects you to live up to your end of the commitment. We are prepared to live up to our end with your training and MOS guarantee. Joining the Corps is a serious commitment and one that should not be taken lightly. If someone changes their mind or thinks they have gotten a better offer, the Marine Corps is not obligated to cancel the agreement. What I have found is that most often times the feelings of regret or remorse are tied to some other issue. A lot of times it is because the future Marine is not applying themselves and preparing for training. Everyone has been scared of the thought of arriving at MCRD in the middle of the night with some mean DI being in your face. Recruit training is not all like that. Neither is your enlistment in the Corps. I'd love to talk about this in more detail if the individual were to contact me.

09-30-02, 05:20 PM
hey six guns, thank you for your post, it is greatly appreciated concerning this matter. i am at a point where i really do need somone to tell me in all seriousness what i must do in regards to this matter. i think my problem is a lack of motivation, or possibly a fear of the unknown. i just really do need somone to tell me what i really do 'need to do', cus right now i have a lack of that. i hear that you are a recruiter, so, if you could please tell me your honest opinion as to what i really must do in this situation. thank you for everything you have said. if you would like, you can pm it if you do not wanna put all this personal stuff on the forum.

09-30-02, 05:33 PM
give me your phone number and a best time to call you. We can work from there.