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Super Dave
07-16-04, 02:53 PM
Queen Knights World Wide Web Inventor Berners-Lee

LONDON (Reuters) - Tim Berners-Lee, the London-born scientist who invented the World Wide Web, was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II on Friday.

He received the knighthood in recognition of his services to the development of the Internet through the invention of the Web, a system to organize, link and browse pages on the Internet.

The Queen made the 49-year-old scientist a knight commander, the second-highest rank of the Order of the British Empire, in a ceremony at Buckingham Palace. The Web made modern-day surfing possible and transformed the Internet from a domain for scientists and academics into the fastest growing mass medium of all time.

Before the Web was developed, electronic files stored on the Internet were exceedingly difficult to find and pages could only be located using an address -- often a vast string of numbers.

Berners-Lee never cashed in on his invention, instead opting to work as an academic in the United States and run the not-for-profit industry standards-setting body the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

He used the occasion to thank fellow Web collaborators. "Everyone in the Internet community should be recognized by this honor," he said in a statement released through the W3C.

"As the technology becomes even more powerful and available, using more kinds of devices, I hope we learn how to use it as a medium for working together, and resolving misunderstandings on every scale."

In 1991, Berners-Lee developed the basic components of the Web -- including the first Web computer server, browser and editor.

Berners-Lee had already received the Order of the British Empire (OBE). In April, the Finnish Technology Award Foundation awarded him 1 million euros ($1.24 million) for his achievements, the single largest sum he has been awarded for his invention.

07-16-04, 03:03 PM
Yes, Al Gore did invent the Internet. But he keeps the patent in a "lock box", only Hillary has the key! :banana: