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07-16-04, 06:02 AM
VMAQ-3 Moondogs uphold tradition of rock
Submitted by: MCAS Cherry Point
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Story by Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION CHERRY POINT,N.C.(July 8, 2004) -- If only one word remains to describe the Corps to future generations, that one word could easily be “tradition.”

Many traditions exist through out the United States Marine Corps, from Corps-wide traditions such as birthday balls and naval jargon, to unit level traditions like the Moondog Band of Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron 3.

Leathernecks from VMAQ-3 have been performing on stage for their squadron mates on deployments since 1998, and the new group of Moondogs looks to carry on in that tradition.
“The band started before all of us had even become a part of the squadron,” said Moondog lead guitarist Cpl. Joshua Mahan, who along with rhythm guitarists Cpl. Ed Davis, are the oldest members of the current band. “Our commanding officer told us that the squadron had a rock band, and while we were on deployment in Japan in the first half of 2003, we got the chance to play with the band on several occasions.”

“After the Japan deployment, the band was mostly split up,” Davis said. “But we wanted to ‘keep the vibe alive.’”

And keep it alive they did. What was left of the Moondogs, Mahan and Davis, turned to their squadron mates to fill in the holes. Holding informal tryouts, the band found its current makeup and set off to develop their own unique sound.

“A lot of people came to us, and the word got around,” Mahan said.

“We just started getting together to play and hang out, eventually the lineup just sunk in,” said Lance Cpl. Nathon Calhoun, Moondog bassist.

The current Moondogs have been jamming with each other for four months, and the sound they have created for themselves takes roots in many different musical influences.

“That’s one of the coolest things about this band,” said Lance Cpl. Derrick Ludaway, Moondog lead vocals. “We come from a lot of different musical backgrounds, but we bring them all together to make unique sound.”

“We play everything from metal and classic rock, to pop,” Calhoun added. “Together it forms a truly dynamic and melodic sound. You just have to hear it.”

Recently the Moondogs performed at the Roadhouse and gave Marines outside of their squadron a taste of Q-3 tradition.

“We got an awesome response from the Marines who came to the show,” said drummer Cpl. Brady Weston on drums. “Some of the former members of the band were there, and they gave us great feedback as well.”

With seven original songs out in fourth months, and covers of everything from Lynard Skinard and Metalica, to Prince and Outkast, the Moondog band is sure to rock any house they play next. Invited back to play again, the band is currently working out dates with the Roadhouse for a show in July.


(From right to left) Cpl. Joshua Mahan, Cpl. Ed Davis, Lance Cpl. Derrick Ludaway, Cpl. Brady Weston, and Lance Cpl. Nathan Calhoun are continuing VMAQ-3's tradition of rock. Photo by: Cpl. Rocco DeFilippis