View Full Version : Searching for former FAST Co.Marine

07-08-04, 11:24 AM
:) Please help if you know where this person is. I am trying to find him so my son can get back in touch with this person. I am searching for a former Marine named Ed Payne. He was last stationed @ Norfolk,Va.with FAST CO. and served in Desert Storm with my son. They were really good friends and my son lost touch with him after my son was discharged from the Marines in the early 90's. I only know that Ed Payne went to boot camp in California and he was originally from somewhere in the western part of the U.S. My son's name is Brian Fortney and he lives in W.Va. IF anyone knows this person, would you please write to me and let me give you my son's address and other info????? It would be such a nice surprise for my son. When Ed was discharged from the Marines, he gave my son a what they called then a "boom box" and we still have it. Thank you to whomever can help us with this search. Sincerely yours, Mrs. Pat Fortney