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07-07-04, 05:23 PM
I'm working on this, its just a rough draft.
I best set my thinking...this is a recruit just out of boot camp.
The year might be 1966 or a bit later.
As he is a replacement.
He not my autobiography, as I at that time was a Sergeant.
But he is what I remember of the young Marines that I served with.
Some might see themselves in the below.


I was so young when I went to boot camp.
After more training, I went to Vietnam as a replacement.
I was so scare at first, till I got a little seasoning.
There was no one that I could speak to about my feelings.
The heat and humidity was so unbearable.
Things seem so bad and I could hardly bear it.
Than one day, I was no longer the youngest member of my platoon.
One day we lost a member of my squad to a booby-trap grenade.
Another day, another to a bouncing betty mine.
I thought that I would loose my mind.
Day after day we would go on patrols,
Seeking an enemy, who chose not to fight us that day.
One day he chose to fight and we lost so many Marines.
Everyday, I think that they are telling me.

07-10-04, 05:41 PM
very good/ love to see the fianl draft.

07-10-04, 08:17 PM
They are all ..remembered, ...them, you....thank you for serving........Semper Fi.