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06-27-04, 08:25 AM
MALS-11 enlisted Marines have bashing time at barracks bash
Submitted by: MCAS Miramar
Story Identification #: 2004624173653
Story by Lance Cpl. Skye Jones

MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR,Calif(June 24, 2004) -- Where can Marines have a good time, enjoy free food, entertainment, games, competi? tions and beer for a dollar?At the Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11 barracks bash!

The "Devil Fish" celebrated their 90 days of alcohol-free and bad-conduct related incidents with the smashing bash June 17.

"This event is inspired by the superior performance and commitment to excellence exhibited by the Marines and their championship production in the work center," summarized Sgt. Maj. Keith L. Williams, MALS-11 sergeant major.

"As a Sergeant Major, it re-enforces the notion that camaraderie and esprit de corps are fundamental ingredients to unit success," added the La Puente Calif., native.

The barracks bash was an astounding achievement in itself. Food, beer and a live D.J. were only part of the fun.

The first event to kick off the bash was the dunk tank. The Marines were all smiles; enjoying each moment the ball hit the target, knocking a staff non-commissioned officer in the water.

The next event left devil dogs wishing they were immersed in water. The squad push-up contest pushed Marines to their limits, while bringing them closer as a unit.

"You definitely have to work as a team in this event," stated Cpl. Richard L. Burgo, ordnance technician, MALS-11.

"The events are fun because it gets the whole squadron together. This competition was very motivating because you have to push yourself and help the guys next to you if they're struggling. It brings everyone closer," added the Riverside, Calif., native.

The Marines then morphed into superstars in the Marine Idol competition, where hopeful contestants belted out their best tunes.

Marines then had a chance to laugh some more when a comedian entertained everyone at the bash.

"The main purpose of this event is to show a little appreciation for the troops for doing well," explained Cpl. Adam Arellano, one of the coordinators of the bash and forward looking infra-red technician, MALS-11.

"The event took about three months of planning and it came together nicely. It's a great way to spend some time together before a lot of us leave on deployment," added the Greensboro native.


Cpl. Richard L. Burgo, ordnance technician, Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 11 shouts out words of encouragement to the other Marines in the squad push-up contest at the MALS-11 barracks bash. Photo by: Lance Cpl. Skye Jones