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06-18-04, 06:58 AM
It made a statement that was no evidence that a connection between Irag and bin laden's terrorists organization existed.
The main job of that commission was to find out what went wrong on that day in September and what can be done to insure that it never happens again.
That statement was beyond it's scope and what it suppose to do.
It appears to be political in nature.
There were problems with government agencies speaking to one another.
Also there wasn't much sharing of information between those government agencies.
Just like there wasn't much that could have been done on 7 December 1941 to prevent the Japanese attacks on many of our bases in Hawaii.
There wasn't much that could have been done on 11 September 2001.
No one in their right mind could have thought that the terrorists were going to crash jet airliners.
The FAA had time to request for the Air Force to shoot down those hijacked airliners, but who would have taken the responsibility for that decision?
It had to have been a last time decision to shoot down an American airliner resulting in a large loss of human life.
Hind sight has 20/20 vision.
Still I find it ilresponsbile for that commission to make a statement, it was beyond it scope or purpose.

06-18-04, 07:47 AM
I believe the 9/11 commission was a good and necessary thing, untill it turned into a political witch-hunt. Yes, the purpose was to find out what went wrong and ways to improve security; but not to fix blame...when one of it's members was the one who helped,if not built,the wall between investigative branches. Jamie Gorelick should have been in the witness chair, not on the panel.

My opinion, the whole country was too complacent prior to 9/11 and there were plenty of things that should have been fixed..by people on BOTH sides of the aisle.

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06-18-04, 08:10 AM
Well the 6 million dollar anti-Bush commercial hits the movies today. Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" is being released in theatres today.

Even the NY Times said the linchpin arguments and suppositions were not convincing.

Making money on the election and 9/11 is a booming business. Whether its Michael Moore or the Limbaugh-Coulter types trying to out anti-Kerry each other.