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06-16-04, 10:00 AM
Hello everyone. I was gone a while, but am back. I was attending two funerals.

1. President Reagan-I was not in California, but as probably a good bit of us all were, I watched it on Fox. Truly touching, and truly special. I wish the cameras would have gotten off of Mrs. Reagan when she collapsed on the casket, though. I thought that was bad taste to stay locked on her in that time of utter sadness and weakness.

2. My wife's maternal grandmother. She was 80 years young, just two weeks prior. I got to have the great honor of being one of her pall bearers. A wonderful woman of God she was.

Semper Fidelis to both, and God Bless them both.

06-16-04, 12:09 PM
Welcome Back sorry about your wife's Grandmother.

06-16-04, 12:22 PM
Thanks, Devil Dog. It means a lot!

06-16-04, 02:51 PM
Welcome back.
God's speed to your wife's Grandmother.

The media was way too focused on Nancy Reagan in what were very private moments.
She looked so weak, frail and seemed not to want to accept her husband's passing. There were many shots of her speaking to the casket.
It is bad enough loosing a loved one after an incredible 52 years. But, when you are the caretaker of someone so sick for so long most of us would become that attached even to a stranger.
When the daily job of taking care of someone so sick ends, one has a tendency to not feel needed anymore. The labor of tending to President Reagan has ended and she may feel lost.
It has been a long, difficult road for Nancy.

God's speed to Mrs Reagan

06-16-04, 08:00 PM
I have alot of admiration and respect for President Reagan. It was good to watch him being honored. I really feel for his family and wish them the best. That being said, I think there was a point during the service when the cameras needed to be stowed. I'm sure you all remember Mrs. Reagan leaning over the casket in tears more than once (primarily at the last service). I think perhaps the networks could have panned to something else and shown a little more discretion and respect. Other than that, it was a beautiful service. May God bless the Reagan family.

Sgt. Smitty
06-18-04, 10:09 AM
welcome back cj......sorry to hear about your wifes loss.....but the Regans aren't the only family afflicted by this disease.....my father has alszheimers too and is slipping away faster and faster every day......i know what nancy went through and i admire her for her bravery and heart. My folks have been married for over 58 years now and i know it will kill my mother when my dad passes..but at the same time it will be a weight off of her shoulders and my dad will pass on to a better place when he goes........

06-18-04, 10:54 AM
I know how you feel. Welcome back. My Mother passed away last year after a 13 year battle with this terrible illness (Alsz). Its a slow death, but the victim is the caretaker. I know... I was the caretaker for my Mother. Almost every day I hear of someone who is involved with a Alsz patient. Go to classes, read all you can about how to cope with this illness. Still no known cure but some progress is being made about prevention.