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06-12-04, 11:13 AM
I apologize if this is the wrong forum, just trying to reach as many as possible.
I've read about a program established by old Marines to provide honor guards, etc., when a Marine requests a military funeral.
I'd like to participate if there is one in Georgia.
I hadn't thought about it until I attended a so-called military funeral for an in-law, a former paratrooper from the Vietnam era.
It amounted to a short, fat little female sergeant and another somewhat squared-away male. Neither possessed the military bearing of a first week PI boot. I was embarassed for him.
And, yes, they played taps on a boom box.
We can do better than than.
Marines DO better than that because we're better than the others.
I'll do something right now I seldom did on active duty. . .volunteer. But I need to know how and where to do it.

06-12-04, 11:27 AM
When I had Roger's Funeral....The Marines that were there were in shape..Would have made you Proud....I don't really remember, this info is from my youngest daughter ;) She is always checking out the Marines....LOL

I do remember it was a Lcpl...that did the Taps on the Bugle.......
I did request a the bagpipes...for Amasing Grace...I beleive he was a Lcpl.....
It was the SSgt who honored me with The Flag....

I will check out to see where these Marines came from, since a friend of ours did the Honors for me.......Need to do something special for them.......


06-12-04, 11:51 AM
Thanks, Ellie

We need to take care of our own.

Ed Fleming
06-12-04, 06:22 PM
Check area for Marine Corps League Detachments. My Detachment has an honor guard, Casket Watch, The whole nine yards. I'm sure that there are other detachments with the same services.

06-13-04, 07:17 PM

Georgia is my home. Atlanta, Marrieta, Lawrence.
I was born the year they started Stone Mountain.
Try this link.

benny rutledge
06-15-04, 01:40 PM
Mr.Mitchell,Ed Fleming has the right approach.Contact the Marine Corps League thru their Web site (link is here at "Leatherneck")or E-Mail the Marine Corps.To "Ellie"(Mrs.Drifter)I believe the person presenting the Flag is of equall or greater rank than the deceased being honored.Make us proud Kent,Semper Fi!

06-15-04, 01:43 PM
One of the Marines from my hometown somehow arranged for a Marine send off for dad. There was a make shift gun salute (ony 4 or 5 Maines), bugle, and the NCIOC of the group presented mom with the colors. Let me know (email) if you would like for me to ask him how he went about it.



Super Dave
06-15-04, 01:45 PM
Check with your local Marine Corp league my detachment has started an honor guard for local funerals. We have a National veterans Cemetery in our area so we do get quite a few of them. Some other Vet groups have them as well.