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06-09-04, 07:19 PM

Yes thatís right! I am recruiting Marines, real live Marines, (active, retired, reserve and others) for deployment in the MMPOG (Massive Multi-Player Online Game), WWII Online. I am forming the 1st Raider Battalion in honor of the famous Marine Raiders of WWII.

So you are wondering, whatís this all about? Let me explain. I am a member of the 1st Royal Marine Division of the British Expeditionary Forces in the online virtual battlefield, WWII Online. This game is a historically based, extremely realistic simulation of May, 1940 with Germany invading Holland, Belgium and France. The British and French were desperately trying to stop the powerful German war machine. Six weeks later, Germany would conquer France and the ďBattle of BritainĒ began. We have the opportunity to change history as each new campaign begins with the historically accurate front lines of that time. Campaigns continue for 24 hours a day, everyday, and may last for months, until either the Axis or Allies win.

The battlefield is huge! It encompasses most of western Europe and eastern England in one continuous area/map. Players can choose to play German, French or Brit. You can play as any number of different infantry types, drive a variety of tanks, crew naval warships or fly aircraft of that time period. There is an Order of Battle (Orbat), military units, chain of command, commanding and executive officers, ranks which you earn by your proficiency in combat, and military objectives. The most efficient brigades and players employ real life combat tactics to not only survive but to control their AOís (Area of Operation).

I am forming the 1st Marine Raider Battalion for deployment with the 1st Royal Marine Division, BEF. Now remember, the U.S. wasnít in the war in 1940 so we have to fight as Brits but many units in this game mimic U.S. military units. The 101st AB for example. I am recruiting real Marines to create the most feared unit in this virtual war. We will work together to uphold the honor of the Corps and beat back the onrushing gray hordes. Right now, the Germans outnumber the Allies. What the Allies need are real Marines!

1) This game is addictive! If you have a fighting spirit and strong desire to win, youíll want to get in there and fight as often as possible.

2) There is a steep learning curve. Donít be discouraged. As a member of the Raiders we will provide training and will even train together in small and large unit tactics. And Iíll provide you with numerous training and intelligence resources.

Please e-mail me if youíre interested. Iím happy to report a number of Marines have contacted me already. We are going to have a great unit!

A couple more things. I am a real (former) Marine. Have two children in the Corps now, and a son-in-law. I am an active member of the DuPage County Marines, a detachment of the Marine Corps League. I do not receive any compensation for recruiting players into this online game. I am doing this because I want to beat the Germans, bad. And I want to be with real Marines.

Semper Fi Marines. Iíll see you on the Beach!!!!

currently of the 1st Marine Rifle Brigade
1st Royal Marine Division, I Corps, BEF, Allies