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06-08-04, 03:36 PM
“It's As Settled As It's Ever Going To Be." * With those words, one of the longest remains identification disputes ends.

Patricia Plumadore, sister of L/Cpl. Kenneth L. Plumadore has accepted the remains designated by the government as those of her brother. Regular readers of Bits N Pieces know of our deep involvement with this case. Over the last year and a half, we’ve had many conversations with Pat about this decision. The decision to accept the remains was not an easy one and was based on many factors.

Quoted in a recent Newsday article Pat Plumadore stated: "I want to get this all over with... I'm hoping that I have my brother and praying that I do. But if I don't, then we have another solider who will have a good home... I have questions... But it's as settled as it's ever going to be."

With the acceptance of the remains designated Kenny Plumadore, his family joins the growing list of POW/MIA families worn down by time, age, and government subterfuge, who decided to give remains known to be American a home.

Remains designated L/Cpl Kenneth L. Plumadore were laid to rest, with full military honors, in Syracuse New York, at 10:00AM this morning.

As we stated above, many factors entered into Pat’s decision to accept the remains. At a future date, we will detail the many elements that contributed to this decision. Today, we will tell you the overriding factor was Pat’s failing health and desire not to leave the resolution of Kenny’s status to her children.

While preparing for today’s remains burial, Pat took a turn for the worse. She never made it to the service for the remains designated by the government as her brother. Pat Plumadore passed away at approximately 11:00 AM this morning.

The National Alliance of Families mourns the passing of our dear friend Pat Plumadore. To her family, her longtime companion Teddy, and her children Kayla, Andy, Kenny, Kelly and Summer we offer our deepest sympathy. Cards and Letters may be sent to the Plumadore Family C/O Kelly Flack - 116 Barker Road, Central Square NY 13036

Editors Note From Lynn O’Shea: Pat and I worked together on Kenny’s case for almost 12 years and became good friends. What we know about mt-DNA and its misuse in the identification of remains is a direct result of Pat’s efforts. Despite her best efforts, her failing health forced her to make a decision she did not believe in. Pat never believed the remains were Kenny’s. That she passed today and was never able to attend the burial has to be one of the great cosmic ironies of all time.

This past April, I visited Pat in her Syracuse home. We knew she didn’t have long and family and friends gathered for what Pat referred to as her “Irish Wake.” It was a weekend full of laughs and bittersweet smiles.

One of Pat’s request for that day was that the bagpipers come and play “Danny Boy,” one of her favorites. So, the pipers came and they played. Near the end of their performance one of the pipers stepped forward and in a clear voice of an Irish tenor, he sang “Danny Boy” to Pat.

Driving back to the house that night, we discussed the wonderful day just passed and I ask Pat if she knew the origin of the song “Danny Boy.” She said she didn’t and I explained that “Danny Boy” was an Irish lament of a mother whose son had gone off to war and had not returned. Never giving up hope the mother says:

"...But, when ye come and all the flow'rs are dying, if I am dead and dead I well may be, Ye'll come and find the place where I am lying, and kneel and say an 'Ave' there for me..."

“and I shall hear, tho soft you tread above me, and on my grave will warmer sweeter be, for you will bend and tell me that you love me and I shall sleep in peace until you come to me.”

We’ll miss you my friend.

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