View Full Version : Anyone in the market for a Cobra attack helicopter?...check out ebay

06-24-02, 08:30 PM
Found this on ebay...although the bidding is closed...I'm sure this would turn some heads....

Link-----> http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1836805915

06-24-02, 08:39 PM
Isn't this the single engine Army version? Rather have our version.

06-24-02, 08:40 PM
This guy has been trying to unload this thing for months on Ebay. Did you read the details of the bid and requirements for payment? Like I'm sure the folks with that kind of money are just cruising Ebay looking to scoop up a Cobra at some bargain basement price. What would be even funnier is if we find out that he is selling this to raise money to buy arms for some revolutionary army in a small third-world country. Maybe he is willing to trade his helicopter for items of equal value. I think Shaffer should buy it and use it as a marketing tool for Leatherneck.com!!!


06-24-02, 09:09 PM
Pig box piece of **** F Army (it kills me to type this) model. TAG means something unknown, probally for unknown or restricted use, hence the 'great airshow performer' tagliner they use.
My advise... buy a nice model 77.

The SergentMajor SEZ Semper Fi

06-25-02, 04:46 PM
anyone's got an M1A1 out there - the traffic is hell around Chitown.

06-27-02, 05:33 PM
Sorry guys...as great of a marketing tool it would be, I am broke after the $200,000 it cost to build this site :p :p Yeah right!

Just kidding. Actually I would prefer a F4U Corsair. I love the movie Flying Leathernecks with John Wayne. That would be my dream toy...well that and a HUMVEE.



06-28-02, 12:30 AM
Ah only on EBay can yo buy almost anyhting that exsists. next It will be F-18's Harrier's and Ch-53's Pretty soon We will all have howitzer's too.

Only in America

Semper Fi

06-28-02, 07:34 PM
Now you got me thinking mpwildes, a Harrier could get me to work really quick...no rush hour traffic!!!
I see your pulling duty at Kinser....my ol stomping grounds.Hey do they still have that ship off shore that got stuck on the reef?

06-30-02, 06:41 PM
Yeah a Harrier would be nice but if you think about it we would all screw that up and put that thing nose first into the ground somewhere like everyone else. Yeah Kinser still has their landmark of that ship out off the reef. I am living right next to it. Gonna have to walk out there someday.

07-01-02, 12:18 PM
... in requests for hardware, I'd like to get a hold of an M101A1, 105mm Howitzer, with aiming stakes, Colimator(sp?), M12A7Q Panaramic Telescope, a Prime Mover, and... Oh, how about a hundred rounds of Illum, compatible fuzes, fuze setters, and an aiming circle or good old fashioned M-2 compass. He & Blank rounds will not be turned away! Jeese, with all this stuff I'm gonna need some cleaning gear....Bore Brush, Rammer Staff, GAA, Rags, etc.. Almost forgot...Pioneer gear: Shovels, Pick, Tank Bar, ... Maybe a gun crew too?