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05-19-04, 12:38 PM
Commission to Seek New VA Under Secretary for Health

WASHINGTON (May 18, 2004) -- Secretary of Veterans Affairs Anthony J.
Principi today announced the formation of a 10-member commission to
recommend candidates for the post of Under Secretary for Health within the
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

"We are seeking a proven physician-leader with strong managerial and
clinical skills, plus a firm commitment to veterans," Principi said. "Our
goal is to build upon our past successes to enhance the quality of care for
our nation's veterans."

VA's Under Secretary for Health directs nearly 200,000 full- and part-time
employees -- including 132,000 direct care providers -- in one of the
largest health care systems in the world. VA offers care at more than 1,300
sites nationwide to nearly 5 million veterans.

Under a formula set by law, the search commission's composition reflects
interests in such areas as clinical care, research and education.

The position of Under Secretary for Health is a presidential appointment for
a term of four years subject to Senate confirmation. Under federal law, the
search commission must recommend at least three candidates. The Secretary
of Veterans Affairs will forward the list to the President along with any
comments by the Secretary.

The commission is expected to make its recommendations by the end of July.

Department of Veterans Affairs
2004 Under Secretary for Health Commission Membership

Commission Chairperson: Gordon H. Mansfield, Deputy Secretary, Department
of Veterans Affairs

Linda Burnes Bolton, Dr.PH, RN, FAAN, Chair, National Commission on VA
Nursing, Los Angeles, Calif.

William Ted Galey, M.D., former Department of Veterans Affairs Veterans
Integrated Service Network Director, Portland, Ore.

David W. Gorman, Executive Director, Disabled American Veterans, Washington,

Kenneth W. Kizer, M.D., M.P.H., former Under Secretary for Health,
Washington, D.C.

George E. Thibault, M.D., Chairman, Special Medical Advisory Group,
Department of Veterans Affairs, Boston, Mass.

David N. Tornberg, M.D., M.P.H., Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for
Clinical and Program Policy, Department of Defense, Falls Church, Va.

Sister Patricia Vandenberg, CSC, Eastern U.S. Area Coordinator, Sisters of
the Holy Cross, Silver Spring, Md.

Robert E. Wallace, Executive Director, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Washington,

Al Zamberlan, former Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Director and
Medical Center Director, Ann Arbor, Mich.

Commission Executive Secretary: Thomas J. Hogan, VA Deputy Assistant
Secretary for Human Resources