View Full Version : An outrage I tell you, an outrage!

05-09-04, 07:47 PM
Ok, so maybe its not an outrage, but this has struck a nerve with me, as I think this is illegal and just flat out wrong. There is a bar out in San Clemente about 2 miles off base that will not serve military members or anyone with an out-of-state ID. Kind of like segregation I think. And if this isn't against the law, it should be. What do you folks think?

05-09-04, 07:54 PM
Okinawa has, or at least had when I was there, that same rule.
Maybe they were having problems with the military members that came in there. The out of state keeps people from going in there not using their military ID. Owners have the right not to serve whom they do not wish.

05-09-04, 08:01 PM
outraged ovetr not getting beer? come on now!

05-09-04, 08:05 PM
I'm not really outraged, I think its just kinda d!cked up that they don't allow ANY service member to go in. Not all of us are jackasses.

05-09-04, 08:11 PM
You know what Henry Huckem says!

05-09-04, 08:18 PM
Do not be jackasses when you go out into town!
If you are of drinking age, act responsibly. The Marine Corps looks down on drunken and disorderly conduct. There is a high chance that your actions will be logged into your record book, and any chance for promotion may be affected by that entry.

If you are under age,DO NOT GET CAUGHT. You will be in a world of sh!t.

05-09-04, 08:20 PM
I prefer W.C. Fields’ view on clubs; “I’d never join a club that would have the likes of me as members…”

You will find clubs like that near all large military installations. If Augusta can ban women…

05-09-04, 08:31 PM
There was a rule in the 80s that if you were stationed in or within 25 miles of a foriegn country, you could buy alcohol at age 18. All of us youngsters at El Toro tried telling the package store we were from Pendleton. No dice. They wanted to see a rifle card from a CPEN armory :(

Toby M
05-09-04, 08:36 PM
Most bars have signs up that say they can refuse service to anyone...I remember hearing about the Army and Air Force clubs in Danang and their refusal to allow Marine's in. Seems like those darn Jarheads like to outdrink and outfight everyone around...Seems natural that other military branches are able to provide Marine's a playground for doing so...

05-09-04, 08:41 PM
Most clubs in Wilmington, N.C. (Camp Lejeune area) were like that a few years ago. I'll bet they still are.

05-09-04, 08:47 PM
Air Force E-Clubs have nicer things to break.

05-09-04, 10:43 PM
Have a tailgate party in their parking lot. If the cops show up, cooperate and leave.

05-10-04, 06:52 AM
No dogs or Marines allowed

05-10-04, 07:31 AM
Could an outrage at not being able to go in a club and have a beer be signs of bigger problems? Everyone likes a drink now and then, but act responsibly. Maybe that bar has a reason for "locking down" on military members. Maybe some drunk sailors, or soldiers or Marines got out of hand there. All bars say and do have the right to refuse service. Don't be offended for that.