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09-21-02, 12:22 PM
I have a very close friend whoís been like a brother to me, His name is Dave O, and he visits this forum a lot, however heís ex army, therefore, out of respect or maybe fear, heís never registered.

He made a statement to me the other day, after reading a few posts I had suggested he read. According to Dave, we Marines arenít the "blind, right wing, thoughtless, warmongers" that he always thought we were, myself excluded of course!

His only flaw, heís a Daily Democrat. He Voted for Clinton twice and now he, like a few others around here, wants to blame Bush for our economical and political problems.

Dave and I get into some very heated political discussions, as anyone who has followed any of my posts would expect. I pretty much get in yer face if I disagree, however subtle that may be.

Dave is kind of like my test range; I polish my political thinking on Dave before I take it on the road.

Well, Dave believes, ďThat we should wait before we go to war with IraqĒ, we canít afford it, we may be biting off more than we can chew, see what the inspectors find, bring more scant ions, Hell, thereís a new reason every day, and thatís the problem, Dave doesnít stand behind any one conviction, he just keeps dumping new excuses on me hoping that something will stick and that's called groping.

Dave put his flag out on 911 and itís still up, he is a good American and when we go into Iraq, heíll support the troops and the war 100%

But Dave hasnít yet answered my most recent question ďTo avoid war in the Middle East, Which American City are you willing to sacrifice nextĒ and how many civilian lives?

By standing around and doing nothing, (which is exactly what Clinton did), We will be sacrificing another American City and many good Americans.

In fairness to Clinton, when the WTC was attacked the first time, it was the American people who really did nothing. Clinton just went with the flow, they all go with the flow, thatís their job, to represent the beliefs and wishes of the people they represent.

1. Bush took office in Jan 2001, and the economy was already in the dumpster, my portfolio had already lost 30% and had been nose-diving for almost 2 years when GW too office.

2. 911 didnít help economical matters either, but ya canít blame 911 on Bush. Yes we had a few FBI and CIA guys that missed the mark, but again, both agencies were a mess when Bush took office, and you canít turn around the big wheels of government overnight.

3. I donít even blame 911, the economy or our present Iraq problem on Clinton. I blame the American people.

Afterall, it IS our responsibility, each and every one us share in the blame for our present day problems. That is of course, depending on what your definition of the word IS, is.

If we donít support our President's plan on the Iraq issue, and it makes no difference whether Iraqís already got the Bomb or not, weíre in for some real bad times here at home, itís just that simple. Choosing not to believe this, is like walking through a mine field wearing a blindfold.

Dave wants world peace, and really doesnít want to see anyone hurt. I can relate, I know war first hand. I am also a realist, and I know that it wonít be safe till the enemy is dead.

It makes no difference who droped the ball, what we knew or didn't know, and who did and didn't know it. The world changed on 91101, and if we learned anything, it taught us that we must strike first, we just can't afford to wait. The risks are just too high.

So, Which American City are you willing to sacrifice next, to avoid a war in the Middle East?

Semper Fi,
Bob Neener

My friend Dave has just one critical flaw, heís got his head stuck up his Ass ---- but I still love em like a brother.

now there's a SH!TBIRD for ya Dane

09-21-02, 01:46 PM
Now you got me to thinking to put down what has been on my mind for awhile....

If you are a warrior, you have to be ready to sacrifice the city you live in!

As for listening to the people who are swayed by what they read and hear on National TV, a real leader cannot afford to do that during war. Johnson listened to the war protestors and was influenced by the media and as Vietnam combatants we suffered the consequences of his lack of support for our needs.

The Arabs justify their going to war by the noise they hear being whispered in <b>"The Arab Street,"</b> we have seen that each time Arab leaders, have gathered then ventured out in unity to strike at Israel with economy sanctions or in support of each other to cause that nation trouble in one way or another. Supply arms to terrorist, etc. They act and say itís what the Arab street wants. They met just before 9-11 in Beirut and made plans to strike at Israel as well as America. These were the Arab leaders, or their representative that we deal with today.

They justified their actions by saying they were ďappeasing the Arab street.Ē But who influences the Arab street? If its not the self serving Arab leaders themselves, with their own political agendas. we're lucky they mistrust each other as they do their enemies.

We have the same problems in America. We get CNN, and other media sources as well as national leaders to move in a certain way, and hope to influence Washington. It makes no difference what is right or wrong, its only what one feels is right at that time to meet tehir own desires.

Take a look at what the agenda has been for Black Americans this past six months? They have arisen to strike at Bush for the economic woes that their leaders, Jesse Jackson and other wayward individuals have told them is the real problem in America. But who said it was a problem only for blacks? Jesses did. They fail to point out that all Americans have suffered because of the economy up and downs. Democrats become emotionally involved in a cause and it becomes a top priority.

Manipulate the people and you can justify your actions.

I tell you canít think straight if you think emotionally.