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09-21-02, 07:42 AM
Since there have been some posts recently, I have a question fer some o ya hardchargers that ought to stir up some sh!t (no pun intended) ....What is some of ya's definition of a sh!tbird !! <br />
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09-21-02, 08:32 AM
I think I was the last one to post using the term shvtbird. I also used the term maggot (which may be spelled wrong).

Therefore, I should be the first to respond.

To me, a shvtbird marine, or a maggot x-marine is somebody who causes me embarrasment when some anyone compares the shvtbird or the maggot to a Marine.

It embarrasses me to have to explain the difference between a shvtbird and a Marine, or a maggot and a Marine.

Naturally, I've never had to explain it to a fellow Marine. We are introduced to OUR standards on the bus bringing us to the yellow footprints. To one degree or another, we all TRY to measure up.

I don't have to agree with a fellow Marine in order to respect him and his opinions.

But a shvtbird and a maggot have no respect for themselves, so why should anyone else respect them? I won't.

And THAT is my conviction.

Semper Fi

09-21-02, 11:38 AM
Hey Dane...friggin inquirin mind huh???

Well Bro,

****-bird = a muther that can't/won't stop fu*kin-up
****-birds...FLAT Don't giva ****!!!

Maggot = come from the scum of the earth,

I was a maggot… I was a ****-bird…
I AM a Marine!!! Semper Fidelis, to the Corps

I'm commin to LZ Crotch Bro...whats the closest Bus Station to the perimeter???? 810-635-9264 or Send me Yours.

Logistics and supplies Marine "never go out without'em"

09-21-02, 11:46 AM
Well I came in on a lunch break and see we have a post. Mike, I like the way you defined it. I guess what I was getting at is that if another Marine took a look at my service record book, without...

09-21-02, 11:55 AM
Dane...U was a ****-up Bro..sounds like U Improvised, Adapted and Overcame!! "Big Time" and had a pretty grand Time in the Prosess.. Don'tcha just love the **** outa Liberty???

the times iz the deal Marine..It was all there to **** U up man..Long as U didn't kill no one (here/USA) You was just riddin the wave .. just like the rest of us.

My Motto: Have FUN...Don't get caught :cool: :yes:

Semper Fi, Dane

09-21-02, 12:29 PM
Originally posted by USMC0311
Dane...U was a ****-up Bro..sounds like U Improvised, Adapted and Overcame!! "Big Time" and had a pretty grand Time in the Prosess.. Don'tcha just love the **** outa Liberty???

the times iz the deal Marine..It was all there to **** U up man..Long as U didn't kill no one (here/USA) You was just riddin the wave .. just like the rest of us.

My Motto: Have FUN...Don't get caught :cool: :yes:

Semper Fi, Dane

YEPPER Bro....I wuz definately ridin da wave....probably thang that really saved my arse, was I met my bride about 6 months before shippin off to Nam.......we got married when I got back and she spent about the last 8 months in the Corps with me......
I'm still doin push ups fer her.....I cannot honestly believe that she has stuck by me all these years.....especailly bein from the Left Coast....hahaha...............dem California gals do ok, once ya gets em back in the South !!!!:D

09-21-02, 12:52 PM

I am NOT St. Peter. You tell HIM that

"I am proud that I was a US Marine and a Vietnam Veteran....."

Don't tell ME that Shvt.

Somebody posted someplace something to the effect that there are no ex-doctors, no ex-PHDs, etc. etc.

I have NEVER heard a woman say., " I used to be a mother."

I WAS a U.S. Marine? I WAS a Vietnam Vet? BULLSHVT!

I joined in '58, six years after Korea, 13 years after WWII. I saw MARINES retiring as PFC's and CPL's, with a chestful of ribbons and medals. They had problems with civilians, they STILL rated a retirement parade. They had the RESPECT of their fellow Marines for what they were and what they did as Marines.

Shvtbird? IF you tell me you were shot in the back as you were running away, or by a jealous VN husband, or a VN mother for shagging her 12 year old daughter, I may have to reevaluate.

But I doubt it.

Semper Fi

Is this number TWO?

09-21-02, 02:04 PM
Top, your new thread brought this one back to life.

We had a conscientious objector with us in Nam in 1965 with Golf 2/9, we called him Moses; this was before the draft, Moses was one of the first.

Moses couldn’t handle combat, he tried everything to get out of the field. He swore he wouldn’t use his rifle against another human but no one wanted to here it, he was basically ignored, then finally he came up with a plan.

Upon returning from a rather hectic night ambush where we encountered a little action, our Squad Leader ordered all of us to clean our gear before turning in.

Moses went right to his sack, so our Plt Sgt pulled him to his feet and ordered him to clean his rifle.

Moses than informed everyone that he wasn’t carrying any ammo, never had been, and had never shot his rifle.

Of course, everyone refused to share a hole with him anymore, so they had no choice but to send Moses to the rear for evaluation.

A few weeks later while back at battalion I saw Moses serving food in the chow line, seems they had made him a cook. I ask how he was doing, Moses said he was good, but, “it’s really ChickenSH!T back here at battalion, but at least there not shooting at me anymore”.

3 Months later while on a Battalion Operation, I saw Moses smoken a tunnel with a Flamethrower on his back. I guess the chickenSH!T back at battalion had really gotten to him.

The Corps had ways of dealing with Conscientious Objectors.

And chalk up one more SH!TBIRD for Dane.

Semper Fi,

09-21-02, 02:25 PM
All I got to add is a little story.

Had one of my people up fer meritorious Sgt one time. He was a ****bird when I first got him. Didn't GAF about nuthin.' He got hisself turned around in my section.

Well, two days before he was to get promoted to Sergeant he got in a little trouble out in town, and six months later he was a Private! Never went to the brig, though. He knew he'd screwed up, took the "hit" and moved on.

He was always squared away on duty, and always did his job and did it damn well!. He was there! One of the hardest workin Marines I ever worked with.

Even as a Private fer the second time!

He wasn't a ****bird in my book.

09-21-02, 03:09 PM
First off, I'd like to say.. Very good posts. I wasn't gong to put anything here at first as it was you Vietnam Vets who were postin'. I wasn't going to speak on or compare with an era I have little...

09-21-02, 03:21 PM
To BadBob:

Objecting NOT Conscientiously.

I usually don't tell war stories. BUT, your post brought back one of mine.

We had two CACs opcon to us. Without the rank or title, I was the Operations Chief. A radio msg came in. The was a problem with the PFs going out on the nights ambush patrol.

I went to the CAC compound. The PF Captain told me that his
men refused to go out and the CAC Marines would have to go out alone.

I told him that as leaders, WE would have to set the example.

I produced a set of handcuffs, attached one end to his wrist, the other to mine. WE were going out on patrol, and one Marine would accompany us for every five PFs that he could get to join us.

It turned out to be the largest patrol that EVER left the CAC compound.

YES, I was standing before the General the following morning.

The PF Colonel was ****ed when his Captain admitted that I was on the other end of the handcuffs.

Semper Fi

09-21-02, 03:31 PM
I do believe we got the makins of a kick azz fire team right here....what ya boyz say......I can still strike a match !!! Lets catch a cruise liner over to the Middle east and light up a few o dem raghead azzes.....all we needs now is Arzach to give us a ride on his Trac !! Hey Rickster....we waitin on a ride !!!!! :evilgrin:

09-21-02, 03:34 PM
Don't matter whether yer Nam or not....Yer a bro....besides, we could probably use some youngblood to help hump da ammo and ham & mofo's......

09-21-02, 03:51 PM
I've got another term that adequately describes the conscientious objector. COWARD

Hey Barrio Rat

You don’t have to be afraid to post around us Nam Vets, we be the same Bro.

Jump in anytime

Semper Fi,

09-21-02, 03:59 PM
I'm with ya!

Don't know about lettin Rat hump the beans and mutha's, though....

He might like them!

And if he likes 'em, I'd think twice about splittin' a shelter half with him! LOL.

as fer any one gettin in the way of the mission... concientious objectors, ****birds, butterbars, and all... screw 'em all. I got no use for them! Keep 'em outta my way. They might get their feelings hurt or something....

09-21-02, 04:08 PM
who’s got the Rum

This here fire team is starting look more like a reinforced squad.


09-21-02, 04:08 PM

a sh.tbird is one who just drags his ass. He don't care ‘bout nothin and won't do nothin' unless told

To me, these that waited until the bell rang and tried to find a way out of it, are the true sh.tbirds in the USMC.
You've just reinforced my two posts on these subjects.

Now, (and I'll probably take a hit for this) I was 21 when I enlisted, had been on my own since I was 15. There were two reasons why I shipped over, which in my mind meant I was going for 20 years. One was to get back to Okinawa to marry my honey, but I didn't need the Corps for that, I could have done it on my own.

The second reason was that, as you pointed out, I saw things I didn't like and thought I could make a difference. I think I did.

It's not brag, to me it's fact. I don't think there is ANYONE I worked for, with, or over, who can honestly say they would have preferred that I had not been there. (The opinion of sh.tbirds don't count because we have a mutual allergic reaction.)

Semper Fi

09-21-02, 04:13 PM
I’ve been sorry for years that I didn’t stay in and help ya take those SH!TBIRDS down the path of most resistance.

Semper Fi,

09-21-02, 05:28 PM
Ain't no hit's comin from me bro !!! You went, You Served and ya done the Corps proud bro !!! Just wish ya coulda capped a couple o dem sh!tbirds whilst ya wuz out in the Berkeley area recruitin !!!! Semper Fi Bro !!

09-22-02, 06:20 AM
Was thinkin'.. That if Berkeley were in damn near any other state, there'd be a seaon on them protestin' students. ;)