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06-24-02, 11:40 AM
Now's the time to help those Vets who were lied to when they shipped over to do their 20+ years.
This is important to thousands of disabled retired Veterans,
call today, please.

sf/ Choppergunner
from Col Dan:
Get massive effort going... get all your lists, friends & families to call
the white house & local congressman.... Use all means, send emails, make
phone call & send a letter. Do it this week

Make your position known through any or all of the following means:

The White House Phone Numbers

COMMENTS: 202-456-1111

SWITCHBOARD: 202-456-1414

FAX: 202-456-2461

TTY/TDD Phone Numbers (for the Hearing Impaired Only)

Comment Line: 202-395-0805

White House E-Mail Addresses

President George W. Bush: president@whitehouse.gov

Vice President Richard Cheney: vice.president@whitehouse.gov

The White House Mailing Address

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

There is strong bi-partisan support for concurrent receipt. I urge you, as
Commander-in-Chief, to support those who are currently in harms way and
those who served in previous wars and support this provision to end
discrimination against retired veterans. Please fund, pass and sign
Concurrent Receipt legislation

Act Today: Use TROA's toll-free hot line to Capitol Hill
Just ask the Capitol operator to connect you to your CONGRESSMAN & call
again to your senators' offices;
then give the staffer your name and address along with the
following message:

Please fund & pass 100% Concurrent Receipt. It is unconscionable that
wounded and otherwise disabled veterans must forfeit their retired pay in
order to receive veteran's disability compensation. Retired pay is earned
by years of service and sacrifice. VA disability compensation is paid for
wounds or other disabling conditions incurred in service to our country.
The Senate and House proposals simply place retired veterans on the same
basis as retired Congressmen, Senators & other Federal Civilian employees
who receive VA compensation and their full-retired pay.

06-24-02, 08:08 PM
,,,as soon as I saw this post.