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Kurt Stover
04-28-04, 12:34 PM
Kerry was AWOL from Navy Reserve service <br />
April 25, 2003 <br />
<br />
John Kerry signed an agreement as part of his naval officer commission to serve at least 3 years on active duty and the remainder of his...

04-28-04, 01:08 PM
I wish you could see the grin on my face as I read this posting. I felt like the Cheshire Cat in Disney's "Alice in Wonderland", with a grin this wide.

The more landmines Kerry lays for President Bush, the deeper into his own minefield he locks himself. When the time arrives to vote, he won't be able to back out safely in any direction without tripping a mine of his own making.

He is already unravelling, as witnessed on Good Morning America, with host Charlie Gibson. On the act of tossing decorations over the fence at the Capitol building, Gibson said "Senator, I saw you...", implying Gibson was PRESENT, or that he had access to newstape. Kerry told Gibson to his face, "No, you didn't see me...", which caused Gibson's jaw to drop a bit, but he didn't follow through with a hardball question.

I'm of the opinion that during the election run, we will uncover a scarecrow beneath Kerry's multi-thousand dollar suits. He is a carefully crafted artifact in the form of a man. He is a chameleon, changing patterns to suit the moment. If this is how he handles the American public he expects to put him in office, then how will he act toward foreign leaders and countries which don't have our best interests at heart? What sort of country will exist at the end of a Kerry term in the Oval Office? Not pleasant to contemplate.

Not the right man for the job is my conclusion of Kerry.

04-28-04, 02:35 PM
All this is interesting to read but when all is said and done does not seem, to me, to amount to much more that a wad of spit. Those that oppose Kerry or Bush can find ample reason to support their own unique perspective with both men if they choose to dig deep enough and parse enough documents to support one point of view or another.

In reading this, and I am not a lawyer, there are easily enough escape lines from this agreement that I doubt it would be hard to get out from under the supposed stipulations of the agreement.

When all is said and done many feel that Bush basicly drew a 'tit' assignment and didn't meet the mimiums of the guard and which we all recall was used to skate hard time on the front. Just as many will never forgive Kerry his actions on the capitol steps or his insufficent wounds.

What does this all really point to? A very divided nation. We all loose in that senerio.