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04-27-04, 12:19 PM
I have posted a "Thank You" from a Father of a Marine over in Fallujah. It because of everyone's efforts to keep us informed, this Father has nothing but high regard and gratefullness beyond comprehension for all efforts. Well Done!

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Thanks for the e-mail. You send the absolute best stuff on the Marines. You have dynamite sources. I hear from Jason fairly often, it's those 3 days in a row without hearing that bother me. But on the other hand I'm so much better off than other parents who go for long periods without hearing anything. I really appreciate the stuff you send me. Take care !

Many Thanks

Snake Out

04-27-04, 09:23 PM
Thanks for posting the e-mail, Skipper.

I hope the father in question has good news about his son and all the son's compadres.

Semper Fi!

04-29-04, 09:37 AM
I think sometime We hear sooner than the Parents. Unfortunate.

I agree, keep them in your thoughts/prayers.


04-29-04, 10:36 AM
From: L*** LtCol Kurtis E Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 2:48 PM Subject: FROM AN ARMY FRIEND IN IRAQ

Please know, we ARE doing good over there! Sadly, not many of the good stories make it back. Here's one from an Army officer:

I got a breather so here is your SITREP. We knew Fallujah was going to be a problem. The 82nd was taking loses everyday so they decided to pull out and leave the city to it's self for a while until a decision could be made to either allow them to Kick Butt or not, this happened several months ago. A larger number of Saddam Loyalist were in the city and were stirring up trouble. When the four US contractors were killed it was time to DEAL SOME GRIEF. We knew we had the perfect force waiting out side the city do that, THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS. The Fallujans found that out as well. It was a terrible site to see the 20 to 25 Heroic Marines die in the battles that took place but as true Marines always do, they dished out way more than they took. We think of the Militia's in Fallujah as nothing more than heavily armed gangs. Their gang has about 1200 fewer members now. Many more have decided that tangling with the Marines is not worth the sacrifice since for them it was usually the ultimate sacrifice. They were leaving Fallujah by the truck loads after the cease fire. I'm not sure what the media is saying back home but we dominated decisively in all areas. Many of the dead were foreign fighter and not even Iraqi citizens.

In the South, in the towns of Hilla and Najaf there is a Gang leader named Sadr. He thinks he is a Cleric. NOT! I did a semi undercover op down there about a month ago and found out that the vast majority in the area hate the PUNK! My recommendation was to let the army go in and Kick their teeth in but things seemed pretty calm at the time so I was over ruled. My advisors and my self were worried that he may continue to gain support. We had the United States Calvary down there and they were itching to get him. The Ukraine's were in the area but not as well armed. When Sadr's gang decided to take parts of the city the Ukraine's put up a excellent fight and secured the bridges into the towns but gave them up shortly afterward because there was no armor support for them. So in comes the US Armored Calvary, not only did they take the bridges they secured the area and through decisive fire power convinced the Sadr gang that it was no longer worth the effort, much like the Marines did in Fallujah. Sadr is now Pi**ing his pants.

Baghdad has had its problems but once again we defeated the enemy through decisive actions. Over all the Iraqi people are with us and are tired of the insurgents/gangs. [b]color=red]During some of the fire fights civilians were offering the use of their POV to transport wounded soldiers to safe zones and hospitals, I bet that didn't make it on CNN[/color]. We had rocket and mortar fire pretty much every day. Apaches and Cobras ended it. The towns are all pretty secure now and the insurgents are wondering what hit them. We have some great soldiers and marines here that are hero's and deserve the thanks of all of America. They fought like WARRIORS. There is no doubt in anybody's mind what type of metal we are made of. They know and they do not want anymore lessons. Keep us in your prayers we appreciate it.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support (flags, bumper stickers, smiles and hi-fives)!
LtCol Kurtis E. L***, USMC
4th MEB (AT) A/CS G-1

04-29-04, 05:03 PM
Its always nice to receive accolades from our richer service cousins, the U.S. Army. They're also doing a hell of a job over there, when allowed. Plenty of pop-up targets for everyone, thats for sure.

My prayers go out for all our forces, American and Coalition alike. They all want to win this and arrive home victorious, regardless what country they are from.