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04-26-04, 07:20 AM
Marines practice field duty basics at Career Course
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Story by Cpl. Ryan D. Libbert

CAMP HANSEN, Okinawa, Japan (April 16, 2004) -- With dedicated task forces serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti facing hostile situations, Marines deserve a teacher who can present them with all the knowledge they require to succeed during these challenging times.

For junior Marines, that leader comes in the form of a staff noncommissioned officer, a rocker-sporting, seasoned Marine who can share his years of knowledge through past experiences to his subordinates.

Staff NCOs currently learning the curriculum in the SNCO Academy’s Career Course recently took part in a patrolling exercise to familiarize themselves with basic urban combat procedures to ensure they’re the type of combat leader Marines can turn to.

Thirty-nine students from Career Course 03-04 were put in a simulated urban combat scenario on Camp Hansen and various ranges in the Central Training Area where they were challenged with accomplishing a variety of tasks, according to Gunnery Sgt. John C. Lightle, chief instructor for the course.

“These staff sergeants and one staff sergeant select are being sent out on urban patrols throughout Camp Hansen as well as setting up a defensive posture for rear area security,” Lightle said. “This is important because these are the Marines expected to lead their junior Marines through these type of missions during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom II.”

The two-day event placed the students in various fire-teams with different mission objectives to achieve.

During their time in the Central Training Area the students moved through a land navigation course and fired a variety of weapons ranging from small arms to heavy machine guns as well as conduct a land navigation course.

While training on Camp Hansen, the Staff NCOs were expected to follow a patrol order, call in SALUTE reports on an enemy position, check for possible threats on personnel and vehicles, and set up a defensive posture around a combat operations center.

“In both patrolling and sitting in the defense, the students will learn how to recognize and handle personnel either friendly or foe,” Lightle mentioned. “They’re also going to have to learn to be flexible while maintaining morale in an urban environment.”

The students who make up class 03-04 are taking in all the knowledge they can because they know it will be very useful for them in the future of their careers.

“This will help in training us for combat, the training is as realistic as possible,” said Staff Sgt. Denise V. Barnes, correctional counselor at the Camp Hansen Brig. “I’ve gained a better understanding of overall infantry tactics as well as how to apply Marine Corps Doctrine better.”


CAMP HANSEN, Okinawa, Japan - Staff Sgt. Orlando Cordova, a student participating in the Staff Noncommissioned Officers Academy’s Career Course 03-04, patrols the streets of Camp Hansen during the class’ patrol exercise April 7. The class conducted the exercise to show the thirty-nine students what will be expected of them and their junior Marines during hostile situations while participating in OEF and OIF II. Photo by: Cpl. Ryan D. Libbert