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09-19-02, 03:58 PM
GOOD-TO-GO! Good to go, good 2 go!, who came up with those words anyways?

And all those other cool saying? Like Sh*t Happens? Who are those people?

And what ever happened to "The Flying Finger of Fate Award?"

And, why can't you wear the same clothes two days in a row?

What if itís your favorite shirt and you're not going to see the same people, and there's no skettie stains on it?

And whose idea was it, to say that your socks have to match, and why can't I wear white socks with black shoes?
What if they are black tennis shoes?

And why can't every woman be a blonde or a redhead?
And be toothless and own a bar?
And why isn't there a Fredrick's of Hollywood and Victoria's Secret in every mall.
And just what is Victoria's Secret, anyhow?

Why can't I fart, or burp, in mixed company and what's wrong with farting in your sleep?

And why can't I send a smelly fart through an email... to all those Spam mailers?

And why don't they make red tracers for air pistols?
So you can shoot at alley cats in the dark?

I bought me an air pistol today, gona get that black and white cat tomorrow morning. He keeps coming over to do his business in my back yard.

Gona wait till he's ready to deposit and as he squats, <b>BINGO!</B>

Then I got a bunch of crows that's been hanging around..LOL

Except one who has a broken foot. Feel sorry for him. He has had that broken foot for years, Iíll let him live, on account all the other crows pick on him and chase him away from the food. Of course just to be fair, I might shoot him on the other foot. LOL


And what's wrong with using a flatten cat one that's a road kill for a frisbee? Wouldn't that be great? You can stick a whistle in its mouth and when you throw him he'll meow.

Maybe I might have to post a disclaimer here in case some animal rights people are looking loooing around.

<b>The views posted on this tread by Sparrowhawk are his own and should not reflect in anyway upon Leatherneck.com or other Marines that post here, except Bones, He's Good-To-Go! LMAO</b>

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09-19-02, 04:32 PM
Every time you say I got you to thinkin' you go off like this!

I don't really approve of the cat idea, but I do endorse and praise the original thinking involved in the concept.

My socks don't match, I blame the Ol Lady fer not foldin' them! Yep. I learned the best lesson of all in the Marine Corps! How to fold my clothes! If she don't fold them right, I wear funny lookin socks. Shoulda seen me when I was goin through my pink and purple sock phase! One pink sock and one purple sock wwith blue deck shoes! 'course it all matched my pink dress shirt and black levis don't ya know.

Fartin' in yer sleep don't count, 'less the Ol Lady's awake.

I wear the same pants two days inna row around the house.....

....when I wear pants.( I really wear jeans, pants is fer fer office pogues and such)

Puttin' a whistle inna road kill cat to make him meaow....

...izzat how they get their nine lives?

I invented the phrase "Just do it." in the seventies. But I used to say "Just ****in' do it!" in a command voice....Nike took it and made it a bit more politically correct is all....'course, I didn't have nothin' to do with that logo.....