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04-20-04, 12:47 PM
Simply put Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) provides military retirees a monthly compensation that replaces their VA disability offset. This means that qualified military retirees with 20 or more years of service that have "combat related" VA-rated disability will no longer have their military retirement pay reduced by the amount of their VA disability compensation. Instead they will receive both their full military retirement pay and their VA disability compensation.

The 2004 National Defense Authorization Act, Combat Related Special Compensation was expanded to include disabilities incurred as a direct result of:
Armed Conflict
Hazardous Duty
Conditions Simulating War
An Instrumentality of War

Unlike concurrent receipt, CRSC will not be phased in over ten years. Once a military retiree has been determined to be qualified they will receive their regular retirement pay plus an additional sum based on their VA disability rating.

Note: CRSC is relatively new legislation, and was recently revised. Many of the policies and procedures are left to the discretion of the parent military branch, and are subject to change in the coming months.

To qualify for CRSC you must:

Be a Military Retiree with 20 or more years of service, including:
Chapter 61 Medical Retirees with 20 years or more.
National Guard and Reserve with 20 or more good years.
Have a Combat Related VA disability rating of 10% or higher, or a disability directly related to a Purple Heart.

The Value of the CRSC Benefit:
Starting in January of 2004 "qualified retiree's" monthly retirement checks will increase. The following table shows a sampling of how much extra you may get each month based on your VA disability rating.

Combat related VA Disability Rating Monthly CRSC
100% $2,193
90% $1,317
80% $1,171
70% $1,008
60% $801
50% $633