View Full Version : Where does Marine Security Forces training take place?

Kelvin Quinonez
04-18-04, 01:08 PM
Where is MCSF training at? What kind of training do you recieve?:rambo:

04-18-04, 01:49 PM
Well, it depends on what type of unit you go to, or at least it DID. I served in two diffeerent units, as you know by now, and I NEVER went to any school. Right after SOI I was shipped to Guam, and we just recieved OJT ( on job training). Same with Kings Bay. Of course, that MAy have had something to do with shortages of people at the4 time due to desert storm.

Kelvin Quinonez
04-18-04, 01:56 PM
how long were you in Guam, Kings Bay?

04-18-04, 01:59 PM
Guam for 12 months, Kings bay for 13 months

Kelvin Quinonez
04-18-04, 02:03 PM
What kinds of training did you recieve?

04-18-04, 02:07 PM
Well I'll tell you one thing, you have to memorize a TON of post specific orders, if you have not memorized your 11 general orders, or have trouble doing so, GET OUT OF SECURITY FORCES. Each post at a Security Force instillation such as the two I served at have at LEAST 11 additional orders PER post, as well as several that are just for the place in genereal. In addition, I was an 0311, but got training on every weapons system we had . m-60, MK -19, Mortars, 50 cal, and we also learned alot of CQB. other things as well, like most people also had to get special drivers liscenses for the wierd as Vehickes we had on post. Dragoons and the like

Kelvin Quinonez
04-18-04, 03:11 PM
I've memorized the 11 General Orders.

04-18-04, 05:12 PM
*Hands Quinonez a cookie.*

My brother is in Virginia for his school. Also an 0311.

radio relay
04-18-04, 06:05 PM
Maybe I'm paranoid, but...

Why the hell are all these questions about Marine Security Forces comming to this board?

Be real carefull about what you spout off about, unless you know absolutley who is getting your "inside" information, Marines!!!

Generic information, and "Talk to your recruiter" should be all that is needed for any "poolee" on an internet forum..

SF :marine:

Kelvin Quinonez
04-18-04, 09:05 PM
Well, my recruiter doesen't give me much info on MSF. But I understand what your saying. So I won't ask anymore. Thanks for the Cookie.lol

04-20-04, 11:23 AM
6 weeks @ Chesepeake, Va. Kelvin, after SOI. I'm Uniform Victor too.

Kelvin Quinonez
04-20-04, 12:06 PM
Uniform Victor?

04-21-04, 11:09 AM
That's the enlistment code for Security Forces.
It's 6 weeks long, but sometimes you have to stay there a week or two before a class starts up, so you may be there just waiting for a week or two.

04-21-04, 01:22 PM
OH, trust me, if you are somewhere for a week or two before a school starts, you will not be JUST waiting. You will either pull mess duty, gaurd duty, or you will be on working oarty cutting grass, painting rocks, cleaning offices, or SOMETHING similar.

Course, like i said that is even IF you get to go the Security Force School

04-21-04, 01:59 PM
I was picked to go to MCSF school after SOI. I was an 0341 but the Corps didn't need my mortar skills in the FMF. So I ended up serving two years with the Mar-Det on the USS Theodore Roosevelt surrounded by over 5000 squids. But I hear carriers aren't that bad now that chicks are on board.

04-21-04, 02:14 PM
Waiting to pick up school sucks big time. I had to wait 3 months at 29 Palms before my school picked up! Ended up eventually working in the 1st Sgt's office, which was a little better, put before that walked a post and sorted old power cables in a junk yard!

04-22-04, 05:58 PM
I'm not quite sure about this, but my platoon commander in 94-95 left for the Mar-Det on the Roosevelt and last I heard they have removed Mar-Dets from carriers.

Like I said, not sure about the reliability of that.