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04-15-04, 10:51 PM

We got rid of Saddam now this fool wants to take over the governing of Iraq.


Now we have put up with this;
In his comments to RIA, Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr vowed to counter any U.S. attempt to prevent the introduction of Islamic Sharia law.

"The only thing I ask of it (the Iraqi people) is that if the Americans manage to kill me, do not give up the fight for independence, freedom and further dissemination of the teachings of Islam," he was quoted as saying.

His vision of a future Iraq was a state "where there must be no distinctions between people -- Shi'ites, Sunnis and Christians. But in any event, the state must be grounded on the principles of Sharia."

Washington, he said, had no intention of leaving Iraqi despite pledges to hand power to a local authority by June 30.

"American troops did not come all this way merely to free Iraqis from Saddam Hussein" he told RIA.

"What they have really come for is linked to a drive to end Iraqis' Islamic values and traditions, oversee the total might of Israel in the region and win control of Iraqi oil."

04-15-04, 11:29 PM
It is time for the US commanders in Iraq to call this al-Sadhr guy on his raising the ante. An announcement needs to be made to the whole country, that any and all blood from civilian deaths in Baghdad, and elsewhere in the Shiite areas, will be the result of this man's personal grab for power. He is walking on the bodies of Iraqi and foreign non-combatants to reach his goal.

His actions are what incite the Coalition forces to attack neighborhoods and mosques. He wants to connect his fight with Palestinian rights in Isreal as well. He needs us to make a reputation. He will kill himself before he is taken alive, or else he would diminish to insignificance as a "religious" leader.

04-16-04, 04:43 AM
:marine: His wish to die for Islam is at hand....once the US Marines kill him...so what....he'll be yesterday's news and forgotten...if his passing becomes a reality...let it be a harbinger of what is instore for all radical/insurgent/ragheads who wish to die for Allah..try to catch USMC Col Oliver North [ret] on MSNBC...his nitely updates on the stalwart mission of the 1st Marine Div FMF are incisive as to what is really going on in Baghdad and points north and west....it is totally opposite all the crap coming out of John Forbes Kerry's mouth along with his stooge, Sen Edward Moore Kennedy...that pacyderm from McLean, Viriginia...Ollie speaks the straight hot/cock and to your teeth....sayonara, al-Sadr..."No Loss to the Government"!!...Semper Fi, Lads:marine: