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04-15-04, 09:21 AM

This is a report from the 2d Battalion 4th Marines to the families at home
on the battle in Fallujah. Looks like we are doing what we have always
done, win wars!


Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2004 2:03 AM
Subject: Update from LtCol Kennedy

Dear Ladies, the last two days have been the hardest two days this
battalion has faced in over 30 years. Within the blink of an eye the
situation went form relatively calm to a raging storm. You've known that
since arriving there has been violence; attacks have been sporadic and
mostly limited to roadside bombs. Your husbands have become experts at
recognizing those threats and neutralizing them before we are injured. Up
to this point the war has been the purview of corporals and sergeants, and
the squad they lead.

Yesterday the enemy upped the ante.

Early in the morning we exchanged gunfire with a group of insurgents
without significant loss. As morning progressed, the enemy fed more men
into the fight and we responded with stronger force. Unfortunately, this led
to injuries as our Marines and sailors started clearing the city block by
block. The enemy did not run; they fought us like soldiers. And we
destroyed the enemy like only Marines can. By the end of the evening the
local hospital was so full of their dead and wounded that they ran out of
space to put them. Your husbands were awesome all night they stayed at the
job of securing the streets and nobody challenged them as the hours wore on.
They did not surrender an inch nor did flinch from the next potential
threat. Previous to yesterday the terrorist thought that we were soft
enough to challenge. As of tonight the message is loud and clear that the
Marines will not be beaten.

Today the enemy started all over again, although with far fewer numbers,
only now the rest of the battalion joined the fight. Without elaborating
too much, weapons company and Golf crushed their attackers with the
vengeance of the righteous. They filled up the hospitals again and we
suffered only a few injuries. Echo company dominated the previous day's
battlefield. Fox company patrolled with confidence and authority; nobody
challenged them. Even Headquarters Company manned their stations and
counted far fewer people openly watching us with disdain. If the enemy is
foolish enough to try to take your men again they will not survive contact.
We are here to win.

The news looks grim from back in the States. We did take losses that, in
our hearts, we will always live with. The men we lost were taken within the
very opening minutes of the violence. They could not have foreseen the
treachery of the enemy and they did not suffer. We can never replace these
Marines and Sailors but they will fight on with us in spirit. We are not
feeling sorry for ourselves nor do we fear what tomorrow will bring. The
battalion has lived up to its reputation as Magnificent Bastards.

Yesterday made everyone here stronger and wiser; it will be a cold day in
Hell before we are taken for granted again.

Paul Kennedy and Jim Booke

:marine: Go Get'm Devil Dogs!