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04-14-04, 07:29 PM

they have a family website too,




04-14-04, 07:51 PM
I saw that on the news and read it (the story) on line. I remember reading about the "Women" earlier in the year. Very Sad Sad News.

I Pray for their loss.

Have you seen the below pic? I'm not sure what is rumor or fact but the story goes like this.

This pic comes from a Husband of a lady that is a Friend of a Friend. He is a Private Pilot of a 747 leased to the Govt. He had delivered his cargo to Iraq this past month around the 30th or so. He waited a couple of days for cargo to return. He had only one piece of cargo on the return flight to the states. Cargo, Return Home- 1 E-4.

A Very Special Cargo. The Final Flight.

God Bless you Soldier/Marine. No matter what you were, you are our Son. And we are so Very Very Proud of you. May you Rest in the Eternal Graces of our Father and may your Family know you are Loved by Us.
Stay your course Son, you will be met by your Brother and Sisters