View Full Version : Soldier in Iraq Gets a Break on Cell Phone Bill Totaling More Than $3,000

04-14-04, 01:44 PM
NATICK, Mass. (AP) - A homesick soldier in Iraq who racked up more than $3,000 on his cell phone bill will get a break on the bill - due in part to his father's efforts back home. Army Reserve Sgt. Bryan Fletcher has been in Iraq since May, when his unit crossed the border with Kuwait. Though his account with T-Mobile was suspended in January, he still owed $3,411. Fletcher had already paid $3,911 for calls made between November and December. Although T-Mobile gave him a $501 credit for international text messaging, he was hit with a $200 early termination fee. Jim Fletcher told the MetroWest Daily News in Thursday's editions that he was seeking credit on behalf of his son, who is "just a soldier over there trying to find a way to call home while he's on an extended deployment." On Thursday, a T-Mobile spokesman said the company would cover the remaining balance. "T-Mobile has offered to credit the outstanding balance as a result of Mr. Fletcher's special circumstance of active military service in the Middle East," spokesman Bryan Zidar said. Fletcher, 25, is due home next month.

When I was in Korea or Vietnam I didn't have the luxuary of calling home on a phone to my love ones. This poor sole should have took a deep breath and just sucked it up.

04-14-04, 02:57 PM
Agreed Gunny (I hope you do not mind my addressing you as such - totally meant as respect). It was a big deal to go to a MARS Station to call home when available. I myself do not know if it is a good thing to have so many amenities available when one is in a War? I cannot relate, was never in one, but sure made many deployments without phone (to include pay phone) to call home! Letter writing was it when the mail worked. Anyway, pass the cheese please...


04-14-04, 04:33 PM
I miss my mommy do you think Sprint will cover my bill? What a crock of sh*t. He knew what he was doing when he made the calls. Take responsibility and pay your debts

04-14-04, 06:00 PM
That is just wrong...................I agree with arnoldyG/2/5 he knew what he was doing he should pay for it!!!!

04-14-04, 06:53 PM
During a Fleet Ex off Pendleton in mid-1990, we held Company Commander's NJP on a Marine who was using his cell phone to call home from the ship every night. The Navy/Marine Spooks were able to pick up and pinpoint his signal from the ship. He was found guilty of OPSEC violations and disobedience to orders since his Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander had told him to stow away the phone earlier during the Ex.

...he should pay the bill...

04-14-04, 08:20 PM
i could of swung a "MARS" call from Nam at any time (devious 2531 that i was, lol).

i never did call home, afraid i would give my ma a heart attact.

sissy boy should pay up & then shut up.

04-14-04, 08:58 PM

Skipper, all we had in Nam was MARS, like Ivalis says, and letters mailed to, and received from, home. Getting on MARS was a dicey trick, since you had to finagle a trip to a major base, like Chu Lai (1966) or Da Nang, where they had transmitters. Otherwise, you used snail mail and hoped for the best. If the Company Supply Sergeant was POed at you, then forget MARS, unless you could find its orbit in the night sky.