View Full Version : Marines Storm Orphanage to Battle Poverty

04-14-04, 12:31 PM
by 1stLt. Kate S. VandenBossche
Marine Corps News
April 12, 2004

KRTSANISI, Georgia -- Marines and soldiers from the Georgia Train and Equip Program spent their free-time two Saturdays in-a-row delivering supplies and toys to some of Georgia's most precious citizens.
After collecting over 1000 lari, approximately $500, from GTEP personnel 10 volunteers delivered 400 blankets, 200 cots, sheets, portable heaters, school supplies, clothes and toys to over 200 orphans in the cities of Telavi and Rustavi.
The number of donations amazed the directors at both orphanages who repeated phrases like, "So much, it's just so much," and, "We can't thank you American's enough."
After unloading three flatbed trucks full of donations at both locations, the Marines and soldiers spent a few hours playing games with the children.
"The kids were an absolute riot! They were all smiles and laughs and I was glad to be a part of that," said Army Spc. Jonathan Ferraro, after playing soccer with orphans from Telavi on March 27.
Each trip took the Marines and soldiers away from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, where the citizens were accustomed to seeing Marines and soldiers in and around town, in the hopes that the efforts would leave a lasting impression on Georgians throughout the country.
"I think these trips are proof of our interest in all of Georgia not just Georgia's military," said 1stLt. Daniel R. Nolan. "I think our trips to the orphanage show we truly care about the welfare of the Georgians."