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04-10-04, 09:56 AM
April 09, 2004 <br />
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Islamic group demands inquiry into ‘gag’ photo <br />
Reservist under investigation for claims in image <br />
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By Laura Bailey <br />
Times staff writer <br />
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An Islamic civil liberties group has...

04-10-04, 10:21 AM
This photo is not a good joke, if it was, indeed, a joke. We have enough crap to deal with over in Iraq. This is the sort of thing which fires up the fanatics and brings in new ones. And, like a shot round, you cannot undo it once the hammer hits the primer. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this picture made it to al-Jazeera TV. There goes another chance to put a lid on the situation.

04-10-04, 10:47 AM
I know that I will probably draw fire for this, so let me state this ahead of time: I don't agree with anyone making this kind of "joke" at all. Our brothers and sisters have a hard enough time doing their job over there without someone doing something like this.

This is supposed to be a Marine? Some interesting things to take note of:

First is the soldier's uniform. He's wearing the standard three-color desert camouflage utility (DCU) uniform worn by the U.S. Army, Air Force, and Navy forces in the Middle East. Marines wear a different uniform with a digital camouflage pattern. Yet the handwritten sign identifies him as "Lcpl Boudreaux."
So, the guy in the picture can't be a "Lcpl" AND wear the three-color DCU. (Possible he just doesn't have the new uniform yet.)

Secondly, the Army sometimes writes rank abbreviations with only the first letter capitalized. A Marine would write his rank in all caps, as "LCPL Boudreaux," not "Lcpl Boudreaux."

Marine Corps headgear has the eagle-globe-and-anchor emblem centered on the front. This man has no such markings on his cover.

I know it is kind of petty, but these points lead me to believe that the jackass involved is no United States Marine.

04-10-04, 01:12 PM
Originally posted by thedrifter
April 09, 2004

Islamic group demands inquiry into ‘gag’ photo
Reservist under investigation for claims in image

"An Islamic civil liberties group has called for a Pentagon investigation into an apparent gag photograph of a Marine in Iraq taken during the last year. "

"the Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations. The organization, which describes itself as America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group,"


"One Arab-American Marine who teaches culture to fellow military personnel called the photo “deplorable” and said such behavior is a serious issue to be addressed.

.“This picture and sign directed towards a Muslim family is inexcusable,” he said via e-mail. “Inexcusable because if this lance corporal was given a basic class on Islam, he would have known that remarks such as ‘knocking up’ a Muslim Arab woman is not tolerated and violates the honor of a Muslim woman and her family.

“If it was a local Iraq Arab that did this, he would have been shot by a family member on the spot for violating their family honor,” he said.





I have dealt with CAIR, that Washington Muslim group years ago, their goal is to get Muslims elected to Congress, that will support Arab nations. A Congressman is suppose to represent America, not an Islamic nations views in congress.

This group wants to change our constitution, to have Islam taught to all AMERICAN children in our schools.

I exposed them, for channeling questionable funds from the Middle East to American Arab-congressmen and candidates years ago, when I ran for congress.

They tried before 9-11, to stop American custom agents from searching all muslims. If that would have been done, as they requested that Muslim carrying those explosives that was caught in Washington state would have never been caught. They want special priviages as Arab in America.

They have an underground network in the US that handles a chain phone tree that calls for "Arab-Americans" to donate funds to a certain Arab interest (not, American interest) or to call congressmen and send letters to newspapers nation-wide.

go pass their home page, on the internet and check out their links, makes your blood run hot.



check out their action alerts read between the lines and you'll see where they are headed. They want the total elimination of Israel and control of the US Government, by running their specially selected (sleeper) candidates for public office.

This group should be invesitigated, their funds, don't be deceived that they have posted that they only took in $5000 in contributions last month. A lot of their funding is channeled by other means.

I wrote a lot about them to the Federal Election Commission, years ago, but nothing was ever done.



The picture was not directed to the family as that stupid cultural teacher states in his email message.

If anything, Boudreaux should have been given a medal for truly culturally exchanging American seeds in Iraq.

Perhaps it would have been better as the last Arab states

“If it was a local Iraq Arab that did this, he would have been shot by a family member on the spot for violating their family honor,”

Boudreaux, in keeping with Muslim culture, perhaps should have shot that kid for holding up, such a sign.

This is all stupid.....

Do a check on that islamic group, it will make you angry at what they support.

I think I'll post a picture of myself, peeing on their CAIR headquarters..

Cook Barela,

04-10-04, 01:20 PM
This so-called non-profit organization removed a lot of their action alerts that were posted on their site, because the public would have seen the connection to islamic extremist in the Middle east.

Check out some other Arab sites and you'll see how they intermingle with CAIR in many ways.

I'll see if I can find what I wrote to the FEC, it may still be on the internet somewhere.

humm, for some reason they don't like me and their Washington representatives attacked our local congressmen in our local newspaper, years ago because of what I said of the Arab-candidate they were supporting at that time.