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04-08-04, 03:34 PM
Hows it goin everyone, my name is Tom and i am new here. I swore in to the Marine Coprs on March 1, 2004 and leave Feb, 8 2005. I was looking for some peoples opinions on MOS's. I am currently signed up for aviation mechanics but am thinking of switching it. To give you a little background, i plan on doing MECEP to get my degree and commission, the ultimatley end up flying. I just can't decide what to do in the middle of all that. I am looking at going infantry or somewhere on the Air Wing, (enlisted flight crew, or mechanincs.) My only concerns are getting a good job outside of the Marines if i don't end up flying, and getting me as good of a start to eventually being a pilot as i can. I just want to get over to Iraq, or wherever it is we end up at and serve my country and be the best, which is why i joined the Marines. Any opinions would be appriciated. Thank you.