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09-17-02, 01:22 AM
I have a friend, a non Marine friend (not everybody's perfect), who recently ask me about my ribbon rack on display over my mantle.

So for all you Poggyís and Wana-beís out there who may be wondering, Iím going to take a moment and explain my ribbons and combat awards.

Letís start with the lesser and work our way to the top;

the one on the bottom right Ė thatís the U.S. Vietnam Campaign Medal The next one is the Vietnamese Civil Action Medal and the one next to it is the Vietnam Cross of Gallantry.

On the next row up, far right we have the Vietnamese Presidential Citation then the Marine Security Guard Ribbon, which was actually 1st, issued to me as a Navy Marine Security Guard Ribbon and replaced in 1979 by the new ribbon. Next we have the Vietnam Service Ribbon with 3 bronze stars, each star represents a specific period of service in Vietnam.

On the next row up far right is the National Defense Ribbon; this was issued to anyone serving in the armed forces during a stipulated period of service usually coinciding with a period of heavy action. Next is the FMF Fleet Marine Force Ribbon, Next is the Marine Expeditionary Ribbon which was replaced with the Vietnam Service Ribbon for Vietnam Service, just 3 days after I hit the beach in Vietnam.

On the next row up far right is the Navy Meritorious Unit Citation awarded to the 9th Marines for service in Vietnam on 08/17/1965. Next is the Navy Unit Commendation Medal with 1 star, one awarded to Golf 2/9 members on 09/13/1965 and one awarded to Lima 3/3 members for operation Harvest Moon on 9 Dec 1965. Next is the Presidential Unit Citation with 2 stars, one awarded to Golf 2/6 members on 28-30 August 1965 and one awarded to Lima 3/3 members on 20-24 April 1966.

This top row contains all personal awards;

Far right is the Combat Action Ribbon with 1 star. One awarded for action with golf 2/9 and one for action with Lima 3/3 (I believe that I deserve 4 more stars and have partitioned HQ for an update).

Next is the Purple Heart with 2 stars making me a 3 time WIA.

Last but not least is the Bronze Star with Combat ďVĒ device. The ďVĒ device designates that the award was issued for Valor under enemy fire.

So what does all this add up to?

I saw a ton of action during a period in time when most of the written history suggests that times in Vietnam were relatively quiet with the exception of Op Starlite in August 65.

The Combat Action Ribbon shows that I have clearly been shot at on at least two occasions.

The Purple Hearts indicate that I was wounded in action on at least 3 occasions.

The Bronze Star with V device indicates that on at least one occasion while under fire, I was the only one in my unit that knew I was sacred SH!TLESS.

The PUC indicated that President Johnson was pleased that we didnít kill any civilians.

The two Navy awards show that the Navy appreciated my service in Nam and that we didnít kill any civilians.

The two Marine awards are Marine awards showing the Corps appreciation for our service and that we didnít kill any civilians.

The National Defense Ribbon was issued to all branches of service upon successful completion of Recruit Training, but was really only issued so you would have something to hold up your shooting badge.

The Vietnam Service Ribbon speaks for itself.

The three Vietnamese medals show that the S. Vietnam government was real happy that I didnít kill any civilians, or at least not any that didnít need killing.

Semper Fi

09-17-02, 03:46 AM
I'm proud to've met you. Even if it is only on line.

Welcome Home Marine!

09-17-02, 02:34 PM
Yer pertty good people yer self.

Did ya notice that Iím not wearing the Good Conduct Medal?

Well you see there was this minor incident in Nam that involved a bottle of Rum and a Hand Grenade.

It was in the rear area while on some working R&R, a couple of ARVN Gooks got me Drunk and stole my .45 - so I tried to Frag em.

No one got hurt sept my PFC stripes.

Semper Fi,
Bob Neener

09-17-02, 02:58 PM
hey badbob!! maybe ya can help me out Marine.
I'm looking for data on battle stars and PUC's awards. Can ya give me any scoop on sites or where the info can be found?
I'm trying to find out who rates what for My sons Signature Imagining Service on this site.
I will appreciate any help ya can give me Marine
Semper Fi,

09-17-02, 03:13 PM
Bottle of rum and a Hand grenade!

Must be a Marine thing!