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03-28-04, 05:26 AM
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by Oliver North <br />
Washington Times <br />
March 28, 2004 <br />
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When Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the United Nations Security Council last February to display the evidence...

03-28-04, 02:34 PM
In his book, Mr. Clarke praises Bill Clinton while condemning George W. Bush for "fail[ing] to act prior to September 11 on the threat from al Qaeda." But when Mr. Bush acted to eliminate the threat posed by Saddam and engage the terrorist enemy thousands of miles from our shores — in Baghdad instead of Boston — Mr. Clarke was at the front of the presidential attack pack.

Richard Clarke
Born: 1951.

• Hometown: Dorchester, Mass.

• Education: Boston Latin School; University of Pennsylvania, bachelor of arts degree, 1972; Massachusetts Institute of Technology, graduate degree, 1978.

• Experience: Nuclear weapons and European security analyst, office of the secretary of Defense, 1973-1977; senior analyst, Pacific Sierra Research Corp., 1978-1979; senior analyst, State Department, 1979-1985; deputy assistant secretary of state for intelligence, 1985-1989; assistant secretary of state for politico-military affairs, 1989-1992; special assistant to the president, National Security Council, 1992-1998; national coordinator for security, infrastructure protection and counterterror, 1998-2001; special adviser to the president for cyberspace security, 2001-2003. Currently chairman of Good Harbor Consulting.

Clarke reserved the last word for the 9/11 family members who were present at the hearing. And while many remain unconvinced of the genuineness of Clarke’s assertion that he and the rest of the Bush administration failed to protect Americans from terrorists, the former “terrorism czar” struggled to hold back tears as he hugged and talked with those who lost loved ones in the terrorist attacks.

03-28-04, 06:26 PM
to bad the prez didn't stick to his afghanistan operation instead of getting 550+ killed in a sideshow in Iraq.

What terrorists was he fighing in Iraq. What WMDs. What clear & present danger from Iraq.

The president lied and our soldiers lied.

They impeached Clinton for lying about a "swab job", Bush is a "war president" for being a big fat liar.