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03-23-04, 08:46 AM
Veterans History Project seeks stories from women veterans
March 23,2004

The Veterans History Project, an initiative of the Library of Congress's American Folklife Center, is issuing a special call to women veterans, defense workers, wartime volunteers, entertainers and home-front supporters to record their personal stories and experiences for long-term preservation in the Library of Congress and other trusted repositories.

"Now, during Women's History Month, there is no more fitting time to honor our women veterans and those women who served and supported our armed forces on the home front," said Veterans History Project Director Ellen McCulloch-Lovell. Noting that the sacrifices of these women have been largely overlooked, Lovell has asked students, family members, veterans, civic groups and professional organizations to "volunteer a little time … to interview women who participated in America's 20th century wars."

The Veterans History Project was created by Congress in October 2000 to collect and preserve oral histories and documentary materials from veterans and those who served in support of them during World War I; World War II; and the Korean, Vietnam, and Persian Gulf wars. Founding corporate sponsor AARP and the Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust have provided generous financial support for the project, and more than 150 organizations and institutions have become official partners, including the Camp Johnson Young Marines and the Marine Corps Museum of the Carolinas locally.

Anyone interested in participating in the Veterans History Project may visit its Web site at www.loc.gov/folklife/vets/ or call its toll-free message line at (888) 371-5848 to request a project kit.