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03-21-04, 08:10 AM
Can You help with signatures to keep reward for information on what happened to POW Captain Scott Speicher?

Need Your Help To Finally Bring Home a Hero

HI -- There is a Hero that was left in Iraq over 13 Years Ago. There is evidence at least until March 2003 he was still being held there. Our Special Operations Forces reported seeing him being moved in Baghdad at that time. United States Senator Bill Nelson reported this sighting as credible. This Heroes initials MSS which stand for Michael Scott Speicher were found on the wall of a cell in Hakmiyah Prison, AKA The Judgment Center, in Baghdad. His families initials were there as well MJM. (Michael his son, Joanne his wife and Meghan his daughter) We still have not found Scott, though the Navy and the Defense Intelligence Agency have stated recently that the search is "aggressive and ongoing."

This is where we need help -- On March 1, 2004, we read a copy of a letter from Senator Bill Nelson to the Honorable Secretary Rumsfeld which was pretty much pleading with the Secretary to keep in place the $1 Million reward that is in the Defense Spending Bill for 2004. Senator Nelson stated in a press report that the Pentagon does not plan to offer that reward at all. Please help us let them know that "No One Left Behind" isn't a fable or a myth it is part of what makes us Americans. Please sign the following petition to keep the $1 Million in place and forward this to everyone in your address book and ask them to do the same. Let them know you will not forget Captain Michael Scott Speicher and you expect them not to be forgetting either.


After you sign if you want to know how you can help even more please visit www.operationfreespike.com There are flyers there with Scott's age progressed photo on them that can be downloaded and sent to any soldiers you know who are currently in Iraq. Plus there you will find postcards that can be printed and sent to Secretary of State Powell and President Bush.

Thanks so much for your time and help!

God Bless You Always.