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03-12-04, 09:41 PM
20:31:40 [shaffer] ATTENTION ON DECK

20:31:54 [shaffer] Time is now 2130

20:32:13 [shaffer] We will have a minute of silence starting now

20:32:52 RFMAAT18 exits from this room

20:33:09 charliefoxtrot enters this room

20:33:17 [shaffer] God Bless theDrifter and God Bless his family.

20:33:25 [mrbsox] Amen

20:33:29 [Sixguns] Amen

20:33:38 [sgtofmarines] Amen

20:33:40 [TracGunny] Amen

20:33:48 [Ploft] Amen

20:33:48 [shoreparty] AMEN

20:33:56 [COLLEEN] Amen

20:34:00 [NEWBY] Amen

20:34:11 [FREEBIRD] I have known Roger for about 5 years, he was like a true Brother to me and will be greatly missed.I'm sure he's trying to con a computer tonight so he can join in, but I guess that will have to wait till we meet again at the BIG gate in the sky, SEMPER FIE MY BROTHER.......SEMPER FIE

20:34:50 [shoreparty] SEMPER FI

20:34:51 [shaffer] I will start this off and then we will go from the top of the list to the bottom.

20:34:56 [Kalbo] Amen

20:35:21 [shaffer] A little over 2 years ago we started Leatherneck.com and it's forums

20:35:56 [shaffer] At that time I was a newby to the discussion boards and Roger was recommended by Miller & Moore from the old Few site

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20:36:39 [shaffer] I didn't know who he was or exactly what he did, but somehow he took this site over and has made it what it is today... A HOME for Marines!!!

20:37:06 [shaffer] We have some awesome people on this site that makes it tick.

20:37:26 [shaffer] However Roger was the heart of it all.

20:37:50 [Sixguns] I'm sure by now all of you here saw my posting of yesterday after I learned of Roger's passing. It was hard for me to be on the site and to read the traffic and to see his name and familiar icon next to what I am sure were his last postings. It was even harder to put into words the emotions that I felt. All and all I think I was able to communicate my thoughts and emotions for Roger.

20:38:04 [shaffer] This site will never find anyone as dedicated and loyal.

20:39:21 [Kalbo] Amen!

20:39:27 [shaffer] I am grateful that Roger belived in my vision of what I was hoping to start here. I am grateful that he followed that vision and took it upon himself to make it happen. I am thankful to have met him and hugged him and drink a few beers with him

20:39:38 [Sixguns] It is so hard to be here and on the boards and no help but wonder how the void that has been created will be filled. Who can ever step in and do the things we all loved and respected Roger for. No one can. And for that reason, I know this site with be a changed place

20:40:02 [shaffer] I am very lucky to have friends like roger and friends like all of you.

20:40:12 [shaffer] God Bless theDrifter!!!

20:40:23 [COLLEEN] AMEN

20:40:55 [shaffer] charliefoxtrot> You have any words?

20:41:13 [Sixguns] I only hope that we all recognized the selfless devotion he gave to us and to making this site the best Marine Corps online community going.

20:41:14 [charliefoxtrot] Semper Fidelis Roger nite bro!!

20:41:15 [shoreparty] ROGG WAS,and is a bro too all of us!!!!!!!!!!!! god bless you all SEMPER FI

20:41:47 [shaffer] COLLEEN>

20:41:50 [COLLEEN] When BruceSixguns brought me here a couple of years ago I never imagined in my wildest dreams what a huge family I woudl have

20:41:56 [charliefoxtrot] you said it well shaffer!! SF

20:42:16 [shaffer]>[charliefoxtrot] Thank you

20:42:22 [COLLEEN] Getting to know Roger online at first, was a pleasent and humbling experience...I am sure you know what I mean

20:43:09 [COLLEEN] He was a great man and so respected...I was intimidated and then it turned to p[hone calls where he would make me laugh..."what about that dumbass...what was he thinking"

20:43:37 [COLLEEN] and then to meet him at the reunion and see the light he brought to so many. You could tell family cam above all else

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20:44:01 [COLLEEN] and as a membe of his family, I don't think I could find the right words...only I love you Rog and I will miss you

20:44:21 [Ploft] From one of the old brothers, TheDrifter was one of the Few he will be missed. God bless Ellie and the kids He will be joining a long list of the best, He will be missed for sure Semper Fi Brother

20:44:26 [COLLEEN] Mike...

20:44:37 [FREEBIRD] I have already made my statement, but again I say SEMPER FIE MY BROTHER .....SEMPER FIE!!!

20:44:49 [FREEBIRD] greensideout>

20:44:50 [shaffer] greensideout>

20:45:01 [shaffer]>[FREEBIRD] sorry

20:45:53 [FREEBIRD]>[shaffer] iI KNOW YOU ARE SORRY!!!!, just kidding!!

20:46:09 [namgrunt] Good Evening to all. My screen is still not working right, so I'll make one statement, then I'm going to di-di.

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20:46:20 [shaffer]>[greensideout] you here


20:46:33 [Kalbo] greensideout> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

20:46:33 [shaffer]>[namgrunt] Are you using AOL?

20:47:00 [shaffer] JAMarine>

20:47:04 [FREEBIRD] Rich

20:47:10 [JAMarine] Roger, I will miss you more than you know. The flag I have lowered since your passing will be raised at dawn tomorrow in your honor along with our Colors in celebration of your life as a Husband, Father and Marine. I love you Brother and promise you I will be here for your family. I will see you soon.... SemperFi Mac....rich

20:47:23 [shaffer]>[HLCOBB4346] You better wait awhile Marine. Thats an order

20:47:44 [JAMarine] Kalbo>

20:48:34 [Kalbo] Semper Fi Marine & God Bless, you will be missed my Brother! (BTW - It is great to see so many Marines and Friends logined)

20:49:01 [Kalbo] Luclurchenstein

20:49:27 [lurchenstein] First time in here. Good evening Marines and Marine family members! It's a priviledge to meet you here to honor Roger Alfano, the Drifter.


20:50:22 [namgrunt] I never had the good fortune to meet SSgt Alfano while he was with us. However, I recognized his talent for bringing good discussion topics for us to chew on. I respected his even handed way of not "yelling" unless it was needed. My hopes and prayers are for his surviving family members. It is the Living who must suffer grief. Drifter is beyond that now. Let us not forget him.

20:50:59 [namgrunt] Shaffer: Nope I'm not. Earthlink ISP.

20:51:00 [mrbsox] I met Roger on a road trip, after posting I'd be in the Philly area. Over some of Ellies coffee, I think I became a better Marine

20:51:03 [JAMarine][shaffer] Ron, aka greensideout just called to let me know that he is fighting his computer. He asked that he be represented to tell Roger GoodBye. I'll let you have that honor.....rich

20:51:35 [mrbsox] partly because of Roger, partly because this site brought us together.

20:52:19 [mrbsox] I think the best way I can remember him, is to try to keep his SPIRIT active in the site. He'll be missed, but He'll be remembered too.

20:52:44 [namgrunt] God Bless the Alfano family, and return their joy in time. Thanks for listening. Good night to you all. Semper Fidelis!

20:52:55 [mrbsox] Bye Roger... save me a seat at the Bob Hope show

20:52:56 [shaffer]>[namgrunt] roger that

20:53:07 [shaffer] NEWBY>

20:53:11 namgrunt exits from this room

20:54:05 [NEWBY] It is hard for me to put into words exactally what Roger ment to me and to the site

20:54:40 [NEWBY] he was always there when someone needed him, even in his final days

20:55:40 [charliefoxtrot] Roger was one of the first people I 'talked to' in the chat room

20:55:42 [NEWBY] I never had the chance to meet him face to face but I felt as I have know him a long time

20:56:25 [NEWBY] Roger, just mark time for a while and have a few for us. God Bless and Good Night Marine.

20:56:42 [shaffer]>[JAMarine] Roger that. You can let them know when you are ready.

20:56:44 [lurchenstein] Semper Fidelis Roger & to all of you brother & sister Marines.

20:56:47 [NEWBY] Gary

20:57:01 [osotogary] I believe that the legacy of The Drifter will be that this website will perpetuate his dedication and loyalty, sense of family, humor, knowledge and care.Good night, Roger. I'll see you in the Everglades.

20:57:10 [JAMarine]>[shaffer] OK

20:57:33 [shaffer] Ploft>

20:57:44 [Ploft] Sorry Jerry the old guy went out of turn, Back at 20-44 Roger will be missed SF Bro

20:57:52 [osotogary] PLoft>

20:58:08 [shaffer] Ploft> No problem bro.

20:58:14 [shaffer] RFMAAT18> Your up

20:58:34 [lurchenstein] Break. Until we meet again! Lurch out!

20:58:41 lurchenstein exits from this room

20:59:00 [shaffer] I like many of you have gotten to know Roger through this site. He is an incredible person, with a huge heart for his brothers and sisters in and out of the Corps. I am so grateful that I was able to meet him and his family and get to know them better during our short visit. You never know what you have until it is gone. What I do know is he will always be missed and loved by not only

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03-12-04, 09:41 PM
20:59:11 [santos] ] I like many of you have gotten to know Roger through this site. He is an incredible person, with a huge heart for his brothers and sisters in and out of the Corps. I am so grateful that I was able to meet him and his family and get to know them better during our short visit. You never know what you have until it is gone. What I do know is he will always be missed and loved by not only

20:59:15 [Dubbed_One] hi guys

20:59:20 [shaffer] sorry that was Sanots

20:59:40 [santos] his family but the family he has created here. May you seek comfort in the arms of our Creator, Roger.

20:59:53 [santos] Dubbed_One> Good eveing Roger's son

21:00:01 [Dubbed_One] thanks

21:00:15 [Dubbed_One] wanted to let you know i'll let mom know about the chat, friends are over

21:00:21 [shaffer] Dubbed_One> Sorry to hear about your dad and our friend

21:00:38 [shaffer] sgtofmarines>

21:00:50 [sgtofmarines] I can honestly say, that although I have lost friends over the internet, hearing of Roger's passing actually made me cry. Semper Fidelis my brother. Until we meet again, Hand Salute. Ready Two. TAPS

21:00:57 [COLLEEN] Dubbed_One> My deepest condolences

21:01:06 [Dubbed_One] thanks to everyone, i'll be back later

21:01:15 [Dubbed_One] let me go tell mom

21:01:56 [shaffer] Sixguns> Anything else?

21:02:09 [Sixguns] To my friend, my comrade and fellow Marine. You have left your mark in this world in the same manner the Eagle, Globe and Anchor has been branded in the hearts and minds of all who are gathered here. When you get to your final place of duty, let the marines there know of the good people you left behind. Ask the Almighty Commandant to give his protection and love to those who meant most to you.

21:02:21 [Sixguns] Be mindful of our Creator

21:02:21 Dubbed_One exits from this room

21:03:20 [Sixguns] As you arrive at Heaven's gate, remember to report in accordingly. Be mindful of our Creator and always remember your general orders

21:04:31 [Sixguns] As you r earn your place among all in Heaven, think of us here and find a way to let us know you are still watching over us as you did on this site

21:05:18 [Sixguns] I know when I receive my final orders, I will welcome your company in the hall reserved for those of us who wore the Eagle Globe and Anchor.

21:06:20 [Sixguns] emper Fidelis my brother in arms. May your guidance, wisdom and love be evident to all those in your new place of peace as it was to all of us here.

21:06:32 [Sixguns] Semper Fidelis..

21:07:04 [shaffer] tatudgrl>

21:07:12 [mrbsox] SF all... heading out.

21:07:17 mrbsox exits from this room

21:07:25 [shaffer]>[mrbsox] hold off if you can

21:07:26 [TracGunny] I have been on the boards 4 months, more than enough time for Roger to earn respect and admiration. theDrifter: an honor and privilege to have known you. Gods Speed, Semper Fidelis, and hold a place in ranks for us. Carry on.....

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21:07:35 [shaffer] TracGunny>

21:07:53 [shaffer] I would like to make 2 announcements. The first is that from this day forward, anytime I say "Roger That" it will have a much deeper meaning. Look for it in my posts. Secondly we have dedicated a forum to Roger. It is called " TheDrifter's Place

21:08:00 [TracGunny] shaffer> can you save/print this for Ellie & kids?

21:08:41 [shaffer] A place for the Old Salts to hang there cover and deploy some wisdom for the up and comers. This forum is dedicated to Roger Alfano, Leatherneck's Top Moderator.

21:08:50 [TracGunny] shaffer> Roger that!

21:09:08 [shaffer] JAMarine>

21:09:15 [JAMarine] Please Note Ron, aka greensideout called me to let you all know he was having puter troubles and that he sends his best and gives a salute to Roger.

21:09:23 [JAMarine] and I would like to close this Memorial.

21:09:24 [Sixguns] shaffer> Very appropriate

21:09:32 [JAMarine] In the Name of the Father

21:09:34 [JAMarine] The Son

21:09:39 [JAMarine] And the Holy Spirt.

21:09:47 [shaffer] Amen

21:09:47 [JAMarine] If you will:

21:09:57 [Kalbo] Amen

21:09:58 [COLLEEN] Amen

21:10:00 [TracGunny] AMEN


21:10:08 [HLCOBB4346] AMEN

21:10:13 [JAMarine] HALLOWED BE THY NAME

21:10:18 [Sixguns] Amen

21:10:19 [JAMarine] THY KINGDOM COME

21:10:23 [JAMarine] THEY WILL BE DONE







21:11:23 [JAMarine] FOR THY'N IS THE KINGDOM


21:11:37 [JAMarine] FOR EVER AND EVER.

21:11:43 [JAMarine] AMEN

21:11:43 [santos] Amen

21:11:53 [Ploft] Amen

21:11:53 [NEWBY] Amen

21:11:53 [COLLEEN] AMEN

21:12:17 [osotogary] Pax Ominibus

21:12:29 [Sixguns] Aulde Lang Syne is played

21:12:36 [charliefoxtrot] Amen

21:12:43 [JAMarine] <B>For Roger and His Family,,,,, Thank you all for coming. Please visit us more often.....rich

21:13:03 [santos] FREEBIRD> you here

21:13:14 [shaffer]>[Sixguns] oops that was from me

21:13:30 [osotogary] Thank you all for making this moment available.

21:13:35 [charliefoxtrot] free is on his Honda!!

21:13:36 [Sixguns] 21 Rifle salute

21:13:45 [Sixguns] TAPS is played

21:14:07 [shaffer] Thank you all for coming. Semper Fidelis!

21:14:15 [charliefoxtrot] Hand Salute!!

03-14-04, 07:49 PM
A picture I'll treasure, 1 of several.

Treasure your time with friends and family. I'd spoke to Roger and Ellie a couple of times since this picture, but NEVER, NEVER even thought that this would be the last time I saw him.

03-14-04, 09:26 PM
Thanks for posting the pic Terry.

Your Brother