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03-10-04, 04:06 PM
Hey Marines, I have the opportunity to trade my M16 for a SAW with another guy in my shop. I would like to hear some Marines opinions/ideas/rants about this. I feel that the M16 is a pretty good weapon, but the SAW has more advantages. Thanks in advance.

03-10-04, 06:07 PM
my advice would be to stick with the 16 unless you don't mind humping the heavier load (weapon, barrels and crapload of ammo).

03-12-04, 09:18 PM
Way past my era. I've never used the SAW. In my time, each fireteam had an Automatic Rifleman. That gave a squad three automatic weapons instead of just one. The bad part was the weapon was the old M14, which took a lot heavier cartridge than the M16. A standard load was 140 rounds in seven box magazines. The good part was you could break down M60 linked belts to refill your mags, if necessary.
Despite the heavier piece and ammo weight, I preferred the older M14 for its penetration power, and long range capabilities. The early M16 were jam prone and untrustworthy.

03-12-04, 10:25 PM
Situation dependent, but in the ****, SAW - Spray and Pray

03-12-04, 10:40 PM
Now keep in mind that I am a 2ndLt and my MOS is a student naval aviator, so my opinion doesn't carry a ton of weight when it comes to grunt stuff. I did, however, learn a little bit of ground stuff when I was in arty, and I learned a whole lot of infantry "book knowledge" at TBS. These two different weapons have two different missions within the fire team. The Rifleman (M16) is the basic unit. The Auromatic Rifleman(SAW) has the ass behind the fireteam when it comes to firepower. Just depends on which you want to do. And the SAW isn't that much worse to hump. The ***** to carry is that f----ng 240G.

03-13-04, 01:44 AM
I will always go with da SAW, but I am prejudice. I hated humpin that thing but after over 2 years of doing so I got used to it. From what I hear, the M249 has been upgraded quite a bit since I got out. And you could use the same ammo as da M-16 in it, they interchangeable. Never cared fer using the standard 16 mag with it, wont fire right cause da mag springs aint strong enough to feed da gun fast enough, ate several mags in mine so stick with the belt fed 200 round box. It's a heavier load to pack around but worth it when it comes to firepower. I heard that they have removed the gas regulator from it like I had, could select either 750 rds or 1000 rds a minute, now just have the 750, just from what I heard.

03-13-04, 08:49 AM
As an 0331 I have my problems with the SAW. It's a very accurate weapon and can provide a good volume of fire, but the 5.56 ammo does not link well... you get any bends or warping in your links then that thing jams right up... granted ithe ammo comes in a drum, but maybe it's just my bad luck, but I would always get a couple of bum links and it would screw me all up. Now if you want to talk MG's... bring on my M2 .50 Cal, she'll never let you down, if you take care of her she'll love you back...
Semper Fi,
ps - Got to test fire the M240G, a few years back... what an awesome weapon... we twisted the links, covered the ammo in dirt and mud, and she chewed right through it... bye bye M60

03-13-04, 11:39 AM
Hey Gents, thanks for the responses. This is my feeling, from what i've been told the SAW is a reliable weapon so long as its clean and well lubed. I was wanting to do the trade because it would make me feel alot more secure when we deploy in Sept. I don't think i'd have any problem hiking the weapon. We hump usually once a month and I'm never in danger of falling out or whatever. I guess the biggest deciding factor will be for me to see actually how many firefights 1Mar Regt gets into here in the next few months. Once again thanks for the replies

03-14-04, 10:49 AM
I been in a few good fire fights in the Nam, For which weapon I would chose would be the M-16 , due to humping it and I don't like always coveing the rear. The new M-16 are alot better IMHO.

03-14-04, 02:49 PM
I myself am a former 0311, who carried at on time or another both the SAW and the M-16. Really, I prefer the 16, but I just never was one of those guy's who just liked to pull the trigger. Unfortunatley, there are far too many YOUNG Marines out there , who just want to "get some" . Silly little children. Those guy's always loved the full auto weapons. Give me aimed fire every time.

03-14-04, 04:28 PM
I spent alot of time in the grunts with 2/5 each have thier pluses and minuses. For a long hump I would rather have the 16, for fire power I liked the SAW. I used a cut down model of the old SAW one time, in combat town, it was pretty friggin awesome.