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03-06-04, 06:40 AM
Items stolen from late Marine's father

March 5, 2004

ESCONDIDO A man who has traveled the world advocating peace after losing his only son in the Iraq war has lost videotapes of his trip and his son to a thief.

Fernando Suarez del Solar, who lives in Escondido, said his vehicle was broken into Monday night after he spoke at the Universidad Autonoma de Baja California in Tijuana. Among the stolen items were videotapes of his trip to Iraq in November and television news footage of his son in Iraq.

Suarez del Solar said a group of students invited him to a restaurant after he spoke.

When he went back to his vehicle about 9 p.m., he discovered that it had been burglarized. Besides the videotapes, he said, presentation materials, a computer and a list of phone numbers were missing.

Suarez del Solar said ABC News has promised to send him another videotape that captured his son on camera days before he was killed. He also said that Global Exchange, one of the peace groups that sponsored his November trip to Iraq, agreed to send videotaped copies it has.

His son, Marine Lance Cpl. Jesus Suarez del Solar, 20, was killed a year ago during the invasion of Iraq, apparently when he stepped on an unexploded American bomb. He left a wife and young son.




radio relay
03-06-04, 09:35 AM
Big effin' deal!!! So the a-hole, who spits on his son's memory by denouncing the country his son swore to defend, lost some stuff in a burglary. So damned what!!!

I lost all my Vietnam pictures and scrap books, my medals, letters to my family, bootcamp year book, all my kids' baby pictures, high school year books and sports letters, and a whole lot more that was precious to me, in a burglary too. Didn't find any bleeding heart who gives a damn about my loss. Nor, did anyone else give a hoot, for that matter.

Life's a b!tch, then you die.... Deal with it!

SF :marine:

03-06-04, 02:25 PM
Ditto radio relay's comments.

This guy was making a living speaking to anti-war, anti-US groups. He should be happy he didn't have his papers checked by the old INS, and find himself on a one-way ride back to Juarez.

It is interesting that he was ripped off while in Baja California, which is Mexican territory, not US jurisdiction. I guess he will have to take up his complaint with the Mexican Chief of Police.

Its a sad thing his son was killed while honorably serving as a combat Marine. It is unforgivable the way the father used his son's death for his own benefit.

Semper Fi!