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09-12-02, 01:25 PM
Your ribbon displays under your signature adds a nice touch to your posts. How did you put your ribbon display together as part of your post?:qmark:

09-12-02, 01:34 PM
Well I did the graphic myself and then was able to post it on
here by uploading it to my aol home page and then you come here
and go to...
SIGNATURE BLOCK (and type the addy to where the graphic has
been uploaded)

a bit complicated but can be DONE! If you need help MasterGuns
I'll be more than happy to help you, that's what Corporals are for
right?! :D

So my first question is...
do you have a graphic of your ribbons?!

09-12-02, 01:44 PM

There is a gentleman who offers up his graphic service free to people on Leatherneck. His name is Willie and he is the son of a Marine. He does some outstanding work. I believe he did Sixgun's and CAS3's signatures. If you PM or email Willie and tell him which ribbons you rate, he will take care of you.

Semper Fi,

09-12-02, 01:50 PM
I appreciate your fast response to my question. I'd like to e-mail Willie and see if he do it for me, or if you, LadyLeatherneck, have the same capability, I could e-mail you. I'd need Willie's e-mail address if I need to ask him if he'll do it for me.

09-12-02, 02:15 PM
for bumping the post about Willie's Signature Imaging Service back to the top of this forum. He does some amazing work! However, when I sent him an e-mail, here's what I got back:

The original message was received at Thu, 12 Sep 2002 19:12:12 GMT from uucp@localhost

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

----- Transcript of session follows -----
550 <'Willie@USMC0311.com'>... Host unknown (Name server: usmc0311.com': host not found)


09-12-02, 02:20 PM
Try to PM Willie.

Click on "Go Read" under your Private Messages on the front page. Then click on New Message and type Willie as the Recipient.

Semper Fi,

09-12-02, 02:30 PM
I sent Willie the info via private message.

09-16-02, 09:37 AM
Willie did a great job. Thanks USMC0311 for getting me to the right person!:banana:

09-16-02, 10:56 AM
Looks great MasterGuns!

Great job Willie! :)