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09-12-02, 10:16 AM


For every twenty minutes you hear of the hour-long Defending the Future, the producers spent anywhere from five to fifteen hours interviewing and gathering sound. Decisions as to what ends up on the proverbial cutting room floor can be excruciating. Here you can listen to many of the stories that, for whatever reason, never found their way into the finished on-air product.

Point of Impact
The first segment of the program takes place at the Pentagon -- the "heart" of America's military and one of the three 9/11 targets. Standing at the exact spot where American Airlines Flight 77 struck the Pentagon, host Steve Roberts interviews two of the heroes of 9/11 and the man whose life they saved.

"I had just watched this guy, in this inferno, perform a heroic feat and a feat of strength. I don't think it could be duplicated." -- Captain Dave Thomas, Chief of Naval Operations staff, Pentagon