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03-01-04, 10:25 PM
Go to Mofak web site to see my page that he put on for me.

Click on T.I.N.S. scroll to the bottom Gunny Bush.


03-01-04, 10:31 PM
Outstanding Gunny!!

Hand Salute!



03-02-04, 03:48 PM
So, is this to impress yourself or others? Great article, but to me it's grandstanding.....I don't care for stuff like this Gunny. To me it tells me, "Hey?" "I'm lookin' for recognition." You don't need recognition. Just being a Marine is enough recognition. And I'm reminded when I read this, (not sayin' this is you) how many GySgt's who were Series Gunnies, were always lookin' for the gravy, because they were jealous of the ones who made it. Take this however. I'm just sayin' what it made me feel like.

03-02-04, 04:19 PM

So, is this to impress yourself or others?

If that's what you think so be it.

03-02-04, 05:16 PM
I see it as a former CO telling the public that he had a good Marine working for him. If you read Mofak's bio, I get the impression that he is very hard to impress. Telling the world that his SNCO had a hand in furthering his character and leadership is really something else.

I'm sure that usmc4669 was just doing his job in the highest tradition of Marine Corps service that he could.

Hand Salute! (stealing...uh, borrowing drifters lines)

03-02-04, 08:24 PM
The legacy of the Corps is built upon the collective stories and histories of individuals. It does not matter if the time served was 2 years, 4, 10, 20, 30 years, or more. In some cases, the time could be a matter of a few months. It does not matter. It is the collective efforts of individuals for the greater good of the Corps that makes Marines what we are and not just another branch of the Armed Forces. We celebrate those who came before us in or customs, traditions, and history. We looked to them for inspiration and a source of our pride. All of us who served our Corps honorably but have now hung up our uniform ARE the ones who went before. Our stories are no less important than any that came before. We inherited the legacy, carried it for our time while adding our stamp to it, and then passed the legacy on to those who followed. We all will die but the legacy of the Corps marches ever forward, being picked up and advanced by new generations of Marines who will add their stamp to it and pass it on. No one’s story can be ignored, nor should it be forgotten. Who knows what Marine, present or future, will find the inspiration in our story to advance to greater heights?

usmc4669: Thanks for the post. I find it is always good to be reminded from time to time that our Corps has dedicated Marines who have advanced our legacy. I have no doubt that you inspired others to be more than just another Marine.

Just being a Marine is enough recognition BigEagle6: go to your profile page and wipe it clean. Leave only the “yes” beside the question, “Are you a Marine?” You will seem much less the hypocrite if you do so…

03-03-04, 02:54 AM
Nice mugshot, Gunny.
It is good to have your talents appreciated by your fellow Marines, especially when they also are your superior officers. Outstanding!!

I put in for Air Wing when I signed up, but ended up in the Grunts after graduation and ITR. Such is life. I don't think they would have let me fly Crusaders anyway. I'm nearsighted and terrible at math.

Semper Fi!

03-15-04, 11:06 AM
Hi again Gunny,
That you don't remember me is by design. I was just an LCpl at the time and I made an effort to just do my job and not be noticed. I worked in the Gun shop under SSgt Edmark and Cpl Marthoski. Your picture in the tour book is there with GySgt Anatra and GySgt Nolan. I want you to know that only a few people have left a lasting impression on me and you are one of them. You had a "hands-on" leadership style that motivated me to do more, and be better at what I did. There was nothing you would ask me to do that you wouldn't, and often did, do yourself right along beside me. So even though we served together only a very short time, you made a difference. I am sure you touched a lot of young Marines in the same way. For all of us: Thank
Semper Fi,
Dave Certa

This was an email that I received from a L/Cpl that I served with from 65-66 in VMA-121 at Chu Lai. I don't pat myself on the back, then emails like this one tells me that as a Marine NCO I did do my job.