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02-27-04, 11:11 AM
VA Launches New Web Site on Hepatitis C

WASHINGTON (Feb. 23, 2004) -- A new, comprehensive Web site on hepatitis C
-- www.hepatitis.va.gov <http://www.hepatitis.va.gov/> -- will be formally
launched Feb. 25 through a collaboration between the Department of Veterans
Affairs (VA) and the University of California at San Francisco's Center for
HIV Information (CHI).

"Hepatitis C is another reminder that veterans rely on VA to care for a wide
variety of illnesses and battlefield injuries," said Secretary of Veterans
Affairs Anthony J. Principi. "This Web site will help both veterans and
medical practitioners to understand this complex, long-term illness."

Hepatitis C is the most common blood borne infection in the United States,
affecting 2 percent of the population. VA cares for more hepatitis C
patients than any other medical system, with more than 200,000 patients
since 1996. The department has the largest screening, testing and care
program for hepatitis C in the nation.

The new hepatitis C Web site has a section for veterans and non-medical
employees that includes general information and links to other Web sites.
It also offers information for health care providers that is searchable by
topic and includes best practices, guidelines and slides.

"Hepatitis C is an important public health issue for our nation," said Dr.
Lawrence Deyton, VA's chief consultant for public health, who oversees VA's
hepatitis C programs. "VA is pleased to join with CHI, a world-class
medical Web site developer, to provide a user-friendly resource on hepatitis
C for providers, patients and public health authorities."

CHI, based at the San Francisco VAMC, is directed by Dr. Laurence Peiperl, a
medical staff member of both the university and the San Francisco VAMC. Dr.
Paul A. Volberding, chief of the medical service at the San Francisco VAMC,
chairs the CHI Advisory Board.

02-28-04, 08:56 PM
It is wonderful that the VA has a website for this disease, but
if they only had a treatment that worked without such awful
side effects. If any of you have gotten ill from the "treatment
for HepC (interferon), like I did, and are forced to look for
alternative treatments that work, please contact me. There is
a reasonable alternative to the ghastly medicine that the VA
says is the only treatment, and it works and will not make you
sick. Feel free to contact me at (918) 524-3737, Monday-
Friday 9AM-630PM. Semper Fidelis, Tom Murray.

02-29-04, 01:33 AM
I was told less than five years ago that I had contracted HepC. I was offered an opportunity to undergo the interferon treatment, but chose not to participate. I have been told that the disease could break out at anytime, resulting in my eventual death. I also don't want a biopsy taken, since that would require extraction of liver cells for testing. I hate needles!

I supposedly got the disease through "possibly" tainted blood, used sometime during any one of many operations to reconstruct my broken body parts. The major operations took place before the national blood supply was tested for problem diseases.

I figure if my number is up, then it will be up. I don't want to live in a chemical induced state of nausea. Where is the quality of life?

03-21-04, 07:06 PM
The alternative treatment that I am using to get rid of the
Hepatitis C viris is massive doses of Vitamin C, Vitamin E,
Milk Thistle, and several off the shelf detoxification nutritional
supplements, and none of these induce any naseau or
other side effects. There are doctors around the U.S. that
specialize in alternative treatments for illnesses, and these
treatments actually work. Good luck Namgrunt on your
getting healthy. Semper Fidelis, Tom Murray

03-22-04, 11:06 AM
Namgrunt I have hep C also from transfusions in the Nam,I went thru the Prg/ Interfer. treatment and made it only 38 weeks and it came back within 3 months. Now there is really nothing else, but to be put on a waiting list for a Liver transplant.
PS the Biopsy isn't really bad bro, it will tell you how bad your liver really is. I am stage 2/3 level 2

03-22-04, 12:22 PM
"eye' also got HEP C from a bad blood transfuson many years back. Went through the PEG treatments twce. The second tme two years back went on for 12 months combo wth an ant vral drug. Completely washed me out and blew out any energy level 'eye' had. BUT today 'eye' am HEP C free as best Dr's can determan. VERY LUCKY ! as not all have these results--just ducked another bullet 'eye'feel. Anyway treatment can be tolerated not all that bad me thought...just suck up and do the deal...you'll be bushed and worn out but assumng you respond--and not everyone does--you can make progress. Bopsy absolutly necessary....not that much of a problem to handle gven where you've been 'Namgrunt'.

Tough to comment wth no letter 'eye'.... !!!