View Full Version : "Patriots' Day" Ceremony at Camp Lejeune

09-11-02, 08:58 AM
I just returned from the MCB Camp Lejeune “Patriots’ Day” Commemoration Ceremony which was conducted in front of Lejeune Hall (Bldg 1). As I sat in my seat, I could see the big Holiday Flag draped from the top of the steam plant. In the distance, I could hear the toll of church bells. A minute of silence was observed starting and ending with the steam plant whistle blast. Then the Saluting Battery fired a 21-gun salute. The ceremony was very moving.

One year ago this morning, more than 3,000 people perished following All Qaeda terrorist attacks: 0845 – American Airlines Flight 11, from Boston, was crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center, setting it ablaze; 0903 – United Airlines Flight 175, also from Boston, was crashed into the south tower of the World Trade Center and exploded; 0943 – American Airlines Flight 77, from adjacent Dulles International Airport, was crashed into the south side of the Pentagon, setting it afire; 1010 – United Airlines Flight 93, destined for the White House, aboard which brave Americans thwarted the Al Qaeda plan by crashing the Boeing 757 into a Somerset Count, Pennsylvania field, at the cost of all souls aboard. We shall never forget!

09-11-02, 10:24 AM
Thank you for sharing MasterGuns.

Semper Fi and God Bless!