View Full Version : Where's The UN When You Need Them.

02-23-04, 06:29 PM
PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) - With heady rebels threatening to move on the capital, government loyalists set flaming barricades Monday to block the road to Port-au-Prince and 50 U.S. Marines streamed in, rifles at the ready, to protect the U.S. Embassy and its staff.

Frightened Cabinet ministers were asking friends for places to hide, senior government sources said, a day after the rebels attacked two police stations outside the capital and seized Haiti's second-largest city, Cap-Haitien, with little resistance.

In Cap-Haitien, rebels hunted down militants loyal to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, accusing them of terrorizing the population in the days before the fall of the northern port city of 500,000.

02-23-04, 10:06 PM
The UN..??? Who...??? Oh tem, they will ahve to think about that for a while and let some people die first...!!!!

02-23-04, 10:29 PM
Let's say we all form a committee to find out what the real problems in Haiti are and let's discuss this matter with some international experts and then let's form another committee to consolidate our findings and also bring in some international experts to validate our conclusions. Oh, yes, we'd better gather another group of experts to remind us why we got together in the first place. Haiti? Trouble? What trouble in Haiti.
Let's just send in some Marines. We don't need a committee for that...or do we? Where is the U.N.? In New York chewing its cud.

02-23-04, 10:36 PM
I thought the last Prez took care of this. Or did he create it?
I say evacuate all Americans and let the Haitians finish their internal business. This is like a cop that keeps going back to a house address to handle ongoing domestic violence calls. You get tired of it after awhile.
It is also the most dangerous type of call for a cop to respond to, since the battling family members often turn on you. We don't need this s***.

02-23-04, 11:06 PM
Get our people and interests OUT..
Then give both sides ammo.

Then there are fewer a$$es to kick when the UN gets around to making a mess for us to clean up !!