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09-10-02, 08:28 AM
Snipers are well known for their slightly sardonic sense of humour.
The story of the sniper who had been inserted into his hide with rifle he was using for the first time.As luck would have it he was able to shoot a terrorist armed with a gun-the unfortunate man had walked round the wrong corner at the wrong time. The sniper
called up for a team to get him out. When they arrived,they walked towards where the body of the terrorist still lay on the side of the road, a bullet wound over one eye.'Good shot,' said one of the Marines. The sniper merely grunted,took a closer look at the body and readjusted his sights. For a facing shot, snipers aim at a point between the eyes. He'd been out by two inches.

09-10-02, 12:11 PM
like they're pretty much the same, no matter which uniform they wear. 8-) Makes sense, though, that's the kind of specialty it takes a certain type of person for...

Great story, 3-Badge!

Impressive C.V. in your profile there, too, by the way.